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  1. idream

    Those amazing 40's girls anyone there??

    Hi girls, where is everyone this week? I hope I'm not the only one going to check in this week. Someone join me, please!!!!:D
  2. idream

    **Challengers* June* 8th -June* 14th**

    Hi you guys! Where is everyone?
  3. idream

    Over 40 and FAB? Check in 8th June - 14th

    i can't believe no one has kicked us all off this week. Hi girls. I'm taking a couple of days off working out. Works getting in the way and I'm short of time. See you all later.
  4. idream

    Over 40s are the new 30s 06/01 -06/07

    Weekly kick off for us spring chicks. Hi to you all. hopefully everyone is in good health and fit fighting spirits. This week I am really really going to be careful and put only good food into my mouth. Healthy low fat type of good food. No. Really. I am. :eek::eek::eek:
  5. idream

    ThIs WeEkS ChAlLeNgErS 06/01 - 06/07

    Kicking us challengers off for the first week of June.
  6. idream

    40 OLd? NEVER!! Check in 25 - 31 May

    Hi everyone. Just a quick kick off for the week, to say hi. So, hi. And Bye.
  7. idream

    ~~CHALLENGERS~~25 -31MAY~~

    Kicking us off for the week. No workout for moi today, up early for work, and I'm being a sooky lala tonight and want to go to bed early. :( Hope everyones well. Catch up tomorrow. See ya.
  8. idream

    ~~Roaring 40ies April 27 - May 3rd~~

    Kicking us off for the week. Hi!
  9. idream

    ~#~#Challengers~#04/27 -05/03 ~#~#

    Kickin us off for the week! I could only complete a quick short sharp workout tonight. My body is aching again from the weekends working out. Jaris Ripped 1000 only about 40 mins of it. FOXY ROXIE!!!! Did you kill him? I'd bet you don't look as terrible as YOU think. The camera adds 10...
  10. idream

    40's & over weekly check in 04/20 --04/26

    Hi girls. Back to work today after the school holidays. I watched a segment of Cathes TV for the first time. Its good! Have you guys seen it? i'll talk later, go the dishes and stuff to do. TTFN
  11. idream

    **CHALLENGERS 04/20 - 04/26 April 09

    hello chicks. back to work today - yuk. no workout having the day off, or I may get CLX in a bit later - nothin like a girl who "knows what shes doing" off now to tidy up after dinner. see ya.
  12. idream

    Cathes been airbrushed!

    Cathes home page picture has been airbrushed or whatever it is "they" do to remove what "they" think are faults. Cathe I love you. You are a 40 plus woman with an awesome body who is incredibly fit and a natural fresh face. You or whoever did it, didn't need to remove the temple vein or...
  13. idream

    Isn't it GREAT TO BE 40and OVER? 4/13-4/19

    Hi Thought I'd better start this thread off for the week. Where is everyone? last week I spent most of the week posting to myself!! I'm lonley, come back everyone.
  14. idream

    Why is it every time

    Cathe announces a her new ideas for a dvd and pre orders etc ....... Theres this immediate discussions on modfiers, background exercisers, clothing, what film company, music and so on and so on? And the discussions go on and on. Why? Whats it to us? I have no input at all into anything...
  15. idream

    ++Challengers ++Thursday++

    I don't know what I've done but I've injured my back. I didn't workout today, cause I thought I'd better rest it. :mad: Roxie - Theres three weight training days per week with Chalean. Then she has one interval training day - cardio with weights. The last day is 25 min cardio. I love her...
  16. idream

    ##Wednesdays ## Challengers##

    Hi girls! I'm not lost, I've been working and I was unwell with a stomach bug last night. I've had two days rest day. Today i cardioed. That STS cardio sounds fantastic! I will pre order but not this week. I've just ordered Hip Hop Abs Ultimate results from Beach Body. I am a bit worried...
  17. idream

    Weekend Challengers

    Morning. A lighter workout today than I had hoped but I ran out of time. I hip hopped Abs, Fat Burn Cardio to jiggle it off my hips. Its a lot of fun, now I'm not self conscious. And i can get my heart rate up which surprises me. Elaine - Your man sounds just like my man! Boobs, boobs...
  18. idream


    Gals! Im working again. I need to be brief. Hi Lean circuit 3 workout today So far my eatings been good. Hope to keep it going until I get home. See ya later
  19. idream


    Hello ladies! Todays w/o was Burn it up Intervals which I really enjoyed. I ended up working out late last night. Lean circuit 2. I've been really good these past few days eating wise and my BUTT is still HUGE!!! Whats with that??? I want results and I want them...
  20. idream

    Tuesdays Challengers

    Hi all. I can't decide if to work out today or take a day off. I may end up doing Lean Circuit 2 which is the hardest of the three lean circuits. Roxie I posted yesturday, asking you if you were going to be doing CLX? I had better go and organise the childs for bed.