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  1. bceogirl

    Skin care in your 40's

    Thanks Debbie for the link ! I just ordered the lavender one! Just last week I saw it on the Today Show as a great Mother's Day gift. They said it was an investment but worth it ! I was thrilled to see your link for a travel sized one at a much better price! :)
  2. bceogirl

    Daily Check In, Friday Dec 10

    I did Fire 30 & HiiT 15 . I've been baking all day.........snickerdoodles, peanutbuttercup cookies, and 5 pounds of fudge. I'm ready for the weekend!!!!
  3. bceogirl

    Daily check in thursday Dec. 9

    Hi everyone ! Carmen, I agree. I don't think you did a thing wrong and IF the instructor had a problem with it, she should have asked to speak to you after class - not sure if she did that. But why couldn't you bring in tubing ?? That doesn't make sense to me. Today was spinning and Ab Jam.
  4. bceogirl

    Daily Check In, Monday December 6

    Snow & cold here too ! YUCK! I did TF 55EZ this morning.
  5. bceogirl

    Daily Check In Friday Dec 3

    I did the last workout of Meso 2 , back & bicep drop sets. Now my one week break. I see lot's of TF and spinning in the week to come ! :)
  6. bceogirl

    Daily Check In, Thursday Dec.2

    Hi everyone ! Tammy- I hope everything is okay. We'll miss you ! I did Fire 45 EZ and core 20 this morning.
  7. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Wednesday, December 1

    This morning I did STS disc 23 Leg Tri-sets. My DD & I also put up the Christmas tree. Kind of early for us, but it's Dec. 1 and it's snowing why not ?? Have a great day!
  8. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Tuesday 11/30

    Oh Tammy- I feel for you ! I HATE that !!! Today is cardio / TF or spin.....haven't decided yet. Have a good one!
  9. bceogirl

    Daily Check in Mon Nov. 29

    Sounds fun Carmen ! I was absent from here through the long weekend because I didn't work out at all. :( Today I started back with STS disc 22 (last week of Meso2) and HiiT 15. Woo hooo !!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
  10. bceogirl

    Food Finds- Chia Seeds & Kombucha

    Chia seeds go in my oatmeal every day too. Also good in yogurt, baking , can make a chia egg to replace a real one in a pinch or to make a recipe vegan. It's as simple as mixing some seeds and water (maybe 1T seeds to 3 T water ? you'd have to look it up to be sure) and...
  11. bceogirl

    Daily Check In Monday November 22

    Hi Girls ! Just finished disc 19, chest/shoulders/tri -with the double wave loads. OUCHIE !!!!! Talk about a burner ! Heading out to walk dogs. Our weather is very mild .........when I woke up it was in the 60's going up to 70 today! I'll take it ! :) Have a great Monday!
  12. bceogirl

    Daily Check In, Weekend of Nov 20-21

    Carmen, I'll check out that one to me too ! It's a busy weekend around here. Lot's of Christmas shopping and yesterday the little boys were over and we raked leaves and jumped in them- of course ;) and took golf cart rides in the neighborhood and had a bonfire and cookout. Today...
  13. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In TGIFriday 11/19

    Just finished disc 18 back and biceps. What a burner! Hi Beavs Welcome back ! Great job on the workout yesterday! Tammy, I'm amazed that KB doesnt' hurt your shoulder , but glad it doesn't ! New workouts start shipping tonight I believe ?? TGIF!
  14. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Thursday 11/18

    Friday Eve! Great words to remember Tammy ;) Cardio/ ab day and I think I'm going to spin ! Have a good one!
  15. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Tuesday 11/16

    Today is TF and abs. Not sure but probably TF 45 ! Hardly any sleep at all last night, so I'm hoping I can fit a nap in this afternoon.
  16. bceogirl

    Daily Check In, Monday November 15

    I was absent over the weekend....... I rested Sat. and had a nice long walk in the park with the dogs yesterday. This morning was STS disc 16 chest/shoulders/triceps and another good walk. It was FREEZING......actually way below freezing this morning......23 degrees. I hate it ! :( How long...
  17. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In TGIFriday 11/12

    Going to try to do Upperbody today. This glute muscle thing is worse when I first get up, then during the day it is MUCH less, sometimes not bothering me at I've been resting so far, but want to try ub.......... TGIF !!! So glad the weekend is almost here.
  18. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Wednesday 11/10

    I'm glad you're feeling a little better Tammy. Yay for the warm up. It's going to be 74 degrees & sunny here today! I'm loving it !! :) It's leg day but I woke up with a pain in the butt- really! Feels like a muscle pull deep in my glute, so I am limping around a bit. I think I'll make it a...
  19. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Tuesday 11/9

    Connie, I really like BFBM too. Exactly like you said, no nonsense, just GET IT DONE ! ;) I went with fire 30 , ab jam standing abs and med ball abs. I know I'll get plenty of walks in, with the new pug here. He is such a funny little guy. I feel like I spent most of yesterday just playing...
  20. bceogirl

    Daily Check-In Tuesday 11/9

    Ugh Tammy, sorry about you feeling bad and sorry to hear about all day snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was 70 degrees and sunny here yesterday and will be the same today. I love it, but it starts out so cold and takes all day to get there ! Then it's cold again as soon as the sun starts to set. I...