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  1. LAS

    Password Still Not Coming To Me

    Oh I haven't given up hope. They'll get the kinks worked out. I feel badly for Cathe and Chris with all of these timing issues. Didn't Cathe say she was taking a business trip mid-July for the Altus distribution? Then 2 Rts back to back, and all topped off by glitches with this transition --...
  2. LAS

    Chris, teeny weeny semi-complaint :-)

    So Miss Kathy --- do you think if we alllllll come begging to Chris this weekend he can help us all get our identity back? I miss myself.
  3. LAS

    How do you get pages to fit the computer screen?

    I was wondering the same thing. We seem to have lost our screen dimensions.
  4. LAS

    Oh wow!!!

    Did you all check out that home page???? I know they were having problems with it yesterday, but oh-my-goodness! It is beautiful.
  5. LAS


    Thanks Lorrayne!
  6. LAS

    I'm in, but with a new name!

    I'm here too. It feels really weird to have all of these alter egos huh? Hoping it gets running right soon and we can all assume our proper identities again. Some change I can handle -- this much -- not so much.
  7. LAS

    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    Ok Chris -- just went and tried again. Logged out as LAS and tried to register with my e-mail addy ([email protected]) -- nothing yet. Sorry. :eek:
  8. LAS

    Important - All Those with Password Problems

    Me too Michele (and Chris)! Tried again to no avail, so I have a new identity. My ISP is AOL.
  9. LAS


    Hi all. I know you must be swamped putting details in place, and I'm sure these board glitches cannot be easy. We are firming up all of our final travel plans and I'm just wondering if you think you'll have the itinerary soon? Some of us are leaving on Wednesday. I am sorry to be a pest.:(...