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  1. icumom

    HR monitors?

    Gurus, what is the difference in HR monitors - strapped vs. non strapped? Anyone have any favorites or ones to stay away from???
  2. icumom

    S-curve scoliosis

    I do Critical Care,not teenage curvature, and my daughter, with a huge growth spurt, sprung a 48 and 42 degree S curve....back in the day, the tx was always the Harrington rod or the brace (which we've found out didn't work and put pals of mine through a lot of hell in teen years)....she's...
  3. icumom

    Portable a/c?

    You all are my gurus on everything..My house is horrid at cooling the upstairs -my son's room simply doesn't cool off would cost a fortune to go dual zone and add another a/c, and the window ones would look awful since his room faces the front, so has anyone had any experience with...
  4. icumom

    Handheld Blender Suggestions-HELP

    Hi All, Mom wants a handheld blender to use in her soup pot. She wants to emulsify her veggies in it.... On amazon, I've seen the Braun 550,Cuisinart, and Kitchenaid as some powerful ones. Then I got in on the act thinking that I could make smoothies or something without dragging out the...
  5. icumom

    OT-Christmas party covered dish ideas?

    Hi Alll, Our ICU ornament/cookie exchange dinner get together is next week...this is the first year in many I can attend...any ideas for a side covered dish, fruit base or veggie to bring...or bread/rolls deal - meat and dip are already taken! Thought you all might have a party pleaser I could...
  6. icumom

    Election's over,Now FESS UP-Guilty Pleasures!

    Ok, I just outed myself as a big fan of the Girls Next Door............ I also watch, as though hypnotized....the Duggars with their 17 kids......THAT woman is a freak - and I have a conflicted admiration for her too....gotta be qualudes to be that mellow... Jon and Kate (the most normal...
  7. icumom

    Obama:Kettlebells are socialist!

    Just kiddin'! Both candidates are pro-kettlebell....