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  1. intensitylisa

    Ice Series Introduction, something funny happened

    We were having tornado warnings and I was starting a dvd from the ICE series. My hubby said, "what is that", lol!
  2. intensitylisa

    Low Impact, Kettleballs and Zumba!!

    OK, now that I see you are going to make 10 new workouts for us "Catheletes" I thought it would be awesome if you could maybe give Kettleballs or Zumba a whirl! You go girl!
  3. intensitylisa

    HIIT or Tabata????????

    Which do you like better and why? Is one more effective in burning calories than the other or is the only difference between the two the rest periods?
  4. intensitylisa

    Low Intensity Series, bonus DVD????

    I missed out when the Low Intensity Series was a presale and thought I heard of a bonus DVD which is rare that could be ordered at the time of presale? Does anyone know about this or am I imagining things, LOL. If there is such a DVD what is it called?
  5. intensitylisa

    Cardio Supersets, I don't know what it is.....

    with this workout but every time I do this and end up either having to stop and catch my bearings or stop altogether near the end of the workout. The last time I did this workout, I really scared myself as I got soooo dizzy and felt as if I was going to black out. No other workout does this...
  6. intensitylisa

    Help, my body has shifted...menopause?

    OK, I am pretty sure my body is changing into my mother and grandmother's. Since I am experiencing menopause I believe this is the culprit. I am 47 years old! My midsection is much thicker and wider. Also, abdomen looks at times to be 4 months pregnant. I have to admit since starting back up...
  7. intensitylisa

    Beyonce "Most Beautiful Woman".....

    In the new People magazine. Well, I agree, Beyonce is beautiful and talented! What do you all think? Maybe next year we can get "Cathe" nominated. She fits these qualifications!
  8. intensitylisa

    Music lovers... I believe I heard Gaga and Katy

    Getting caught up on newer "Cathe" workouts and did "Athletic Step" and to my ears delight heard 2 Gaga songs, "Pokerface" and "Bad Romance". Today I did "Cardio Supersets" and a second delight was hearing Katy's "Alien" and "Teenage Dream" instrumental! I love both of these gals for today's...
  9. intensitylisa


    Did you receive my email? I am not sure if it working. If not, are you on Facebook?
  10. intensitylisa

    Step Moves, Cathe, I can not get this move???

    Hi Cathe! I usually can pick up on your moves fairly quickly one or two tries, but in "Step Moves" I believe the move is called step cross in the second combo after the pivot turn (close to the step). I am pivoting on my right leg so I am assuming it would be my left leg that crosses over the...
  11. intensitylisa

    Selection "Cathe" workout DVD icons for facebook and workout calendar?

    Can anyone tell me how to add "Cathe" workout DVD icons to my calendar and show up on facebook? I used to be able to edit my workout plan and choose the workout for the day, i.e., today I will be doing Low Max and would like to fill up my calendar for all my workouts! Any help would be greatly...
  12. intensitylisa

    Let's congratulate Cathe on her top 4 finish.....

    I just picked up the spring abs collectors issue of "Oxygen" and "Core Max" is listed in the top 4 "sculpt your core at home" workout DVD's! Cathe's core workouts rock hard, Yea!!!!
  13. intensitylisa

    Cathlete bracelets anyone????

    Would anyone be interested in showing off our "Cathe" spirit by wearing a "Cathelete" bracelet? I was thinking of the rubber bracelets that are popular today! I would buy every color if they were available.
  14. intensitylisa

    Zumba????? Kettleballs?????

    Hi Cathe! Have you ever thought of creating/mixing a cardio routine with Zumba? Also, I was wondering what your take is on using kettleballs? I wonder if there could be a way to mix a Zumba cardio routine with kettleball training, maybe intervals or separately. Just a thought.
  15. intensitylisa

    I'm sooo lucky...........

    I've mastered the moves down from previous Cathe workouts. Do you ever notice how "Cathe" builds on moves from previous workouts? I love the complex choreography and feel so proud when I master a move. This is why I "love" Cathe because she is not boring and she has the best of both worlds...
  16. intensitylisa

    Whitney tunes in Cathe's workouts?

    I remember working out to I'm every woman and I believe the other Whitney song was step by step or step ???. Does anyone remember what "Cathe" workouts these songs were from? Also, were these the only two Whitney songs Cathe had on her workouts? I was thinking there may have been more, but...
  17. intensitylisa

    Longest "Cathe" workout poll??????

    My vote is for a workout that really goes back to the old skool days of 1998 Maximum Intensity Cardio which in total is a 75 minute workout from warm-up through stretch. Let's see back then I was 32 or 33? I am lucky if I could/can get through the 28 minutes of Hi/Lo and/or the 36 minutes of...
  18. intensitylisa

    Longest Cathe workout/DVD????? poll

    OK old skool and new skool Catheletes, my vote would be for 1998 Maximum Intensity Cardio from warm up to stretch is 75 minutes. Does anyone know a workout that is a greater length in time without adding and mixing workouts? I always thought Maximum Intensity Cardio was a killer 26 minutes of...
  19. intensitylisa

    SNM: How do I get on cancellations lists for both, N.J road trips?

    Just found out I can come on the road trips ( I was scheduled to train for work this Summer). I am sooo excited. Where and what do I need to do to get on these cancellation trips and then where do I go from there?
  20. intensitylisa

    Road Trips?

    Are there any road trips scheduled for this year? If so, is there information posted re: the trips? My goal is to attend one of the next round of road trips if there are any scheduled and if there are any vacancies. I have a surprise for ya all! Thank you!