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  1. ElaineP

    Ripped with HiiT January

    Thought I would start a new thread. Still no workout today. I most likely won't workout until Monday.
  2. ElaineP

    Ripped with HiiT December

    I haven't done a checkin in quite sometime. I am doing the get started rotation. Today is my first day. Today was Lift it Hitt it legs. It took me 46 min. It was my first time doing it I had to pause a few times to get my weights.I matched cathe for all the weighted exercises. I did use my...
  3. ElaineP

    RWH Checkin

    I was wondering if anyone wants to do a RWH Checkin? I will be starting the first rotation in the guide on Monday and was wondering if anyone else was too.
  4. ElaineP

    Do you work your Bis and Tris separate

    I've been doing X-train for 5 weeks now and I am just wondering if it is necessary to work my tris and bis separate the way X-train is planned out. What do you do and your reasoning to why you do it that way?
  5. ElaineP

    Gym styles vs Xtrain

    The first 3 DVDs of Xtrain sound a lot like the Gym style DVDs, other than the fact that the gym styles work one body part to exhaustion. The counts in both sets are not too different from each other according to the description of Xtrain. Can someone explain the difference between the two and...
  6. ElaineP

    Workout closely resembles Total Body trisets upper body

    Can someone suggest a wo that closely resembles the new low impact Total body triset upper body split premix? I have most of Cathe's wo except for a few of the newer ones. thanks
  7. ElaineP

    What type of shoe for elliptical?

    What kind of shoe do you wear when using an elliptical? Running, walking or cross trainer?
  8. ElaineP

    Smooth elliptical

    DH and I are thinking of purchasing a Smooth CE 3.7 Elliptical. I was wondering if anyone here has one and how do you like it?
  9. ElaineP

    All you BFFM followers

    I am following BBFM and I am in need of some ideas for my late in the day meal. I have 5 meals total. The 4th meal is hard to manage. This time of day is very busy. Kids get home have activites and I am trying to cook dinner. Any quick meal ideas that follow BFFM guide lines and without protein...
  10. ElaineP

    An Elliptical on cement floor?

    My husband is purchasing a second hand elliptical machine and he wants to put it in the basement on cement flooring. Right near my workout area.(Yeah for me) Those of you who have their cardio equipment on cement, do you have them on top of some sort of padding? Oh, I have puzzle mats down...
  11. ElaineP

    losing wt with hypothyroid

    Once your thyroid hormones have leveled out and your meds are where they should be did you lose the wt you gained before you where diagnosed? My levels are just about where they should be so now my journey begins on trying to lose the weight I have gained while I was not treated. Can it be done?
  12. ElaineP

    Can't Wait...

    to see more pictures!!:D
  13. ElaineP

    Healthy Apple Muffins

    Does anyone have a healthy Apple (real apples) muffin recipe? Dairy free would be great, but I can work with it if it has dairy in it Would egg free being asking too much? just kidding! I can figure that out too.
  14. ElaineP

    Bowflex Treadclimber Does anyone have one?

    I've been looking at the Bowflex Treadclimber and wondering if anyone here has one and if they do how do they like it?
  15. ElaineP

    What do you think... a dumbbell/barbell ?

    I am doing STS. I am in my 4th week of Meso 2. My dumbbells do not go up high enough from my back work. I don't want to buy any more equipment. Do you think this will work if I load my barbell on one side and do one arm rows with the loaded side and the unloaded side resting on the floor ?
  16. ElaineP

    SNM Disc 36 workout card

    SNM, forgive me if this has already been mentioned, I was looking at Disc 36 workout card under the Workout Manager STS and it does not show the % of 1 RM like Disc 34 does. For example : it shows 50% for the first few exercises but after that it says NA instead of a number.
  17. ElaineP

    SNM Meso #2 clip

    No t sure if this has been mentioned before but.... When viewing Mesocycle 2 video clip I noticed right under the clip it says STS Mesocyle 1 instead of 2.
  18. ElaineP

    Cathe Cardio with STS

    Cathe I noticed you have listed 3 days of cardio with the STS rotation. I only get in 2 days of cardio(DVDs) along with a mile walk. I try to walk 1 mile 5 days a week. It is a brisk walk as my 6mo. old puppy only knows run and dead stop. The walk also includes two steep hills. Do you think...
  19. ElaineP

    You Who Gayle (banslug)

    I know how much you love soup. Have you tried the Chicken stew in the Clean Eating Magazine current issue? I made it yesterday and it is delish!! I used sweet potatoes instead of parsnip. Oh and a question for you, Have you received your heavy duty resistance band for pull ups and if you have...
  20. ElaineP

    Barbell concentration Curl?

    When performing this exercise do you rest your elbows on your thighs above the knee or between your legs?