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  1. lrayburn

    STS Full Body Workout - Rep Range?

    SNM, I know you said the rep ranges for the STS full body workout will be similar to those of Meso 1 and 2. For those of us who didn't get the STS series, approximately what range will that be? Thank you, Lisa
  2. lrayburn

    BBL - Replacement Bands

    I have BBL and *love* High and Tight but somehow I've lost my resistance band that came with the workout. Does anyone have good recommendations for replacement bands? Can you buy the bands separately anywhere? I found Versa Loops on Amazon that seem like they would work and I know that Cathe...
  3. lrayburn

    Don't you hate it when instructors...

    I usually work out with Cathe but I have been using Brazil Butt Lift and AOS kb dvds too lately. Working out with Leandro made me remember some things that instructors do that drive me nuts: I hate it when instructors touch the other exercisers in their videos. I understand that personal...
  4. lrayburn

    AOS KBW Brooklyn or Newport?

    AOS has a 20% off coupon good through Tuesday. I'd really like to get another dvd - I have Providence and love it. I'm trying to decide between Brooklyn and Newport. I think I want Brooklyn because it sounds like it has a nice structure (3 minute rounds with 1 minute each upper body, lower...
  5. lrayburn

    Any Oxygen subscribers out there?

    I was really p*ssed off when my Oxygen magazine came with diet pills in this month. I can understand that they accept diet pill/supplement advertizements, but to send out diet pills in the mail really crossed a line for me. I've been frustrated by Robert Kennedy's lack of writing...
  6. lrayburn

    Birth Control - Implanon, Mirena, Tubal?

    Hi ladies, I have been contemplating birth control options lately and am having a hard time coming to a decision I am comfortable with. I have just switched OBs because I wasn't happy with the man I was seeing. I have been doing a lot of research and still am not comfortable making a firm...
  7. lrayburn

    Enabling - Cardio Coach and Art of Strength Discounts

    Cardio Coach workouts are onsale for 40% off through Dec. 31. Art of Strength is offering all 12 of its 12 Days of Christmas sales through Dec. 17. You need to scroll through each day individually but there was a buy-one-get-one sale on DVDs (except Clinic), 20% off some dvd offers, bundles...
  8. lrayburn

    All Art of Strength Kettlebells DVDs 20% off today only!

    All of the Art of Strength kettlebell dvds are onsale today for 20% off. Use the coupon code DDDVD. I just got this from their email list that I'm on. I may have to go ahead and pick up a couple more! I have Providence and absolutely LOVE it. Lisa
  9. lrayburn

    Cardio Coach sale still on!

    Hey ladies, The Cardio Coach Fourth of July sale is still going on! I think is was supposed to end on the 12th but its back up again. So if you missed the sale like I did - buy now!! Lisa
  10. lrayburn

    Cardio Coach - workouts are great and customer service is too

    I just wanted to thank everyone who encouraged us to buy cardio coach in the previous threads and share an awesome customer support experience too. I bought volumes 1 & 2 last week. I did them, loved them and decided to order 3, 4, & 5. Yesterday evening I sat down to order them and my...
  11. lrayburn

    AOS Kettlebell DVDs

    I tried to register on the AOS forums to ask this question but couldn't get registered so I'm going to try to post it here. I have AOS Providence and LOVE it. This is the only kettlebell dvd I own other than a couple of the Iron Core dvds (which I hated). I would like to buy another AOS...
  12. lrayburn

    AOS Newport versus Kettlebell Way Empire State

    Does anyone have both of these dvds? How does the Kettlebell Way Empire State compare to Providence? I just got the original Providence and love it but would like another DVD to alternate with. I was hoping that maybe the DVD with Beth would have a little more personality and explanation in...
  13. lrayburn

    Scheduling kettlebell workouts in rotation

    Would it be a problem to schedule an upper body workout the day after a kettlebell workout in a rotation? I'm do a half-marathon training program (running 4 days per week) and have been doing two upper and 2 lower body workouts per week. I want to switch my weights to one upper, one lower...