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    I did this workout this morning & feel I am stronger than when I first started the getting started rotation. Love the shorter workouts and the weight & cardio mix.
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    RWH Bonus Abs

    Great review. I did Bonus Abs 2 this morning & felt the same way about the bike maneuver variation. I'm hoping with time I'll get it. Looking forward to trying Bonus Abs 1
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    Premix glitch?

    Glad to know there's no glitch. I was wondering the same thing when I did this workout this a.m., but I just went back to the main menu; chapter & selected the stretch as suggested. It was fine bc it gave me time to cool down a little more.
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    Split Hiit Rotation (Uses Xtrain/LIS)

    I do have both Party Rockin step DVDs but I'm not of fan because I'm so uncoordinated. I'll give it another go. Maybe with practice, I'll get better.
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    Split Hiit Rotation (Uses Xtrain/LIS)

    Looks like a good rotation, but I don't have any of the cycle or pedal power DVDS. What would you recommend to substitute?
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    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    I'm also an early riser. I'm usually up by 4 a.m. & start my workouts about 4:30/5:00 a.m. I've gotten into the habit of drinking at least 12-16 oz of water when I 1st wake up; then I drink 1/2 my protein shake & keep drinking water when needed during my workout; then finish the protein drink...
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    Ball of the foot pain and high heels

    I've had pain in the ball of my foot for the last couple of years. I've seen two different podiatrists; had steroid injection shots; and an MRI with no clear diagnosis. I've used orthotics and shoe inserts and nothing seems to help. I have never worn heels. I'm not really sure where to go from...
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    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    Day 3 done! Boy were my arms shaking by the end of it. Can't believe I made through the entire premix: 89 minutes. I did have to take a couple of breaks to get additional water and a potty break, but I made it. I wouldn't mind a check in with this rotation. I'm not so good at keeping track of...
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    Pre-Order Ripped with HiiT™

    Good to know we will get 7 days notice before a price increase. Like another poster, I can't pre-order right now, but don't want to miss out on this great price!
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    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    Day 2 done!. I'm so excited about this rotation.
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    XTrain/LIS Metabolic Split Rotation plus XTrain/LIS/100 rep challenge/ Metabolic Rota

    I started this rotation this morning. I'll be alternating weeks: one week split, one week endurance. Did LIS Total Body Upper + Cardio Supersets with modifications to keep low impact. Boy, I was drenched by the end of it. Love it. Day one down. Don't know how long I can keep up the longer...
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    Artificial Sweetner of any kind....

    Wow, thanks for this reminder, I did not know this about raw honey. I'm loving all the info & tips on this thread.
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    Something to Crow about

    Crow pose is something I've been considering lately. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think daily practice is a great idea. I love the links showing the steps to work towards the full crow pose. I'm going to give it a try & practice every day this week & see how far I get.
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    I am in week 5 of this rotation & I do feel my endurance improving. I am able to do more push ups on my toes & take fewer to zero breaks. Feel like Rocky - getting stronger yeah!!!!!!!!;)
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    Question for STS repeat offenders...

    It really depends on the exercise. For shoulders, increases are minimal less than 2-3lbs; biceps & triceps a little more and legs saw the greatest increase, but again it depends on the exercise & body part being worked
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    I got hubby to workout with me!

    This post encouraging. I would love for my hubby to lift weights with me, but like one of the others said, he played football in high school & is not interested in lifting more weights + he says he gets too bulky through the upper body when he lifts weights but I think it's something we could do...
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    I've been benched

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery & that you continue to enjoy your time off & the Olympics.
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    Hi Marih, I started your rotation on Wed. I've done the 1st 2 workouts which are the disk #1 & 2. Wow! Talk about DOMS from the upper body workout & that was just chest, shoulders & bis. DOMS are usually delayed about a day, so I'm waiting for my legs & glutes to start talking to me tomorrow...
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    Just saw this post. It looks great. I may have to give it a try. Looking for something like this to boost metabolism, strength, endurance.
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    Road to Recovery Check In

    Hi Sandra, I read your post & wanted to wish you well on your road to recovery. Last year I injured my foot (specifically the ball of my foot); not sure how, but the doc says it's a pinched nerve. Short of surgery, I can't seem to find anything that helps. I used to walk 3 miles a day M-Th and...