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  1. msmik

    Sad News - Fitness model got hit by train!

    My husband, by brother and I all met/visited with Greg Plitt at the Olympia Expo a couple of years ago. In fact, he is the reason we attended. We are all big fans, and wanted to meet him in person. My brother and I were both members of his site. Which at 100.00 per year, was the best money...
  2. msmik

    Cathe live streaming problem

    I have done 5 of the Cathe live videos. They run great. But I cannot get Step Express w/blasts to stream. I have tried 3 different days, and it pauses continously. I finally give up and pick another workout - no problem. Any idea what's wrong. This workout is the one that pushed me over...
  3. msmik

    Cathe live...

    All about legs was the workout I did last night. Fabulous. Can't wait to do the Oct. 30th workout. Step with blasts. When Cathe announced that was the Thursday workout, it pushed me over the edge and I told my husband that we HAD to figure out how to get these to play for me!! And it was so...
  4. msmik

    Cathe live...

    Today I signed up for Cathe live. I absolutely love it!! It was so easy to set up and worked like a charm. Not a single hesitation or glitch in the streaming. It is amazing, and easily the best 10.00 a month I will spend. Thanks Cathe and team!! Kimberly
  5. msmik

    What has been most successful for you?

    I have had my best success with focusing on my diet. I find I only need to workout 4 times a week. 20-60 minutes per time, intensely. With shorter workouts I find my diet much easier to control. I used to work out an hour every day, hard, and I could not stop eating. With shorter and fewer...
  6. msmik


    Don't put yourself down. I bet you're in great shape. Just because it was a tough workout does not mean you're not in great shape. Every person in that room should be getting a butt-kicking workout, from the beginner to the advanced, everyone just pushes themselves to their level. It should...
  7. msmik


    I have been going to a crossfit stlye gym for 9 months. (not called crossfit, but very similar). I really like it because it forces me to do things I would not normally do at home. Heavy squats, deadlifts, thrusters, and a lot of other moves. Which I think is an excellent complement to my...
  8. msmik

    Did my first unassisted chin up!!

    That is amazing!!!
  9. msmik

    I will miss you Collage Video!!!

    I found Cathe through Collage Video. I don't know if I ever would have "discovered" her if not for them. I didn't have internet at that time, and didn't until probably 8 years after that! Kimberly
  10. msmik

    Greatest hits and preview of new dvds

    I am so happy we are getting more step workouts! Love Cathe's step. Kimberly
  11. msmik

    Asylum 2--loving it!

    I love Shaun T. !! Kimberly
  12. msmik

    Question for those who get the newsletter

    Thank you so much! Kimberly
  13. msmik

    Question for those who get the newsletter

    For some reason I don't get the newletter anymore. Checked my spam and it's not in there. Did Cathe say anything about how much the pre-order price would be for her fabulous new project? Kimberly
  14. msmik

    Supreme 90 day - anyone tried it?

    I bought it a while ago. I used it for 6-8 weeks. I liked it! For the price, it was definitely worth it. The leg workout is short..but BRUTAL! Kimberly
  15. msmik

    More complex step please!

    I would love more step videos too. Kimberly
  16. msmik

    Leather or Cloth Couches?

    Leather!! Kimberly
  17. msmik

    Any guys participating?

    My husband is going to be there. Kimberly
  18. msmik

    Kitchen Remodel

    One of my cabinets is a pull out with 2 garbage buckets in it. Love that. Kimberly
  19. msmik

    Good spin dvd's?

    I love Cycle Max. But since Cathe has only 1 spin video, I need to look for a few more from other instructors. Can anyone help with some advice? Please let me know of some other good videos. Kimberly
  20. msmik

    Crushed it!

    Today's my rest day. We are going to a concert. Buddy Holly, Big Bopper..(impersonators, of course!!) Did Gym Style legs yesterday and I am feeling it today. Been really enjoying the Gym Style series this past 3 weeks. Only did it once since I got it before this little run. Great...