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    Cathe and Kristin doing a wall anchor lat pull-down with both green & black tubing in the STS All Upper Body#2 workout

    @Debinmi: Not Cathe, but you can get wall anchors from Amazon in a variety of styles and price ranges. Look for a pack of three. They should come with instructions on where to place them, but in case they don't, one should go around shoulder height, one an arms reach above, and one just above...
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    Cathe's STS 2.0 Body Parts - Shoulders

    Wow. Looks like it will be a nice core challenge too.
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    Placed my order today, along with some of the new equipment and some DVDs. Naturally spent and bought more than I intended! That said, I'd like to say THANK YOU to Cathe and Team for making this presale such a good value. With prices going up on everything of late, it was a nice surprise to...
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    This Pic Is From Cathe's STS Phase 2 Upper Body #2 Workout

    I sometimes check out workout videos from the library to try them out to see if they are worth buying (if they can even be found). Recently, I happened to check out "Escape Your Shape" (published in 2013) and there was Deazie as one of the demonstrators! Curious, I Googled her and she's...
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    IKR?! I think this is going to be the best series yet. I think I am going to go for short but hard cardio (HIIT/Tabata) since Cathe is recommending 20-30 minute sessions. Also thinking it might be a good time to dig out some of my 30-Minutes to Fitness cardio workouts. KCM is needing more...
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Thank you, Cathe, for all of your detailed and thoughtful answers to everyone's questions. But dang it, it sounds to me like the new dip and pull up bars are NECESSITIES! Lol. Going to save my pennies starting now so I can order it when it comes out. Looking forward to seeing pictures. And...
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Another equipment question - I noticed that a weighted vest is not a recommended piece of equipment. Does this mean there are no heavy squat/leg work exercises in these workouts?
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    Waiting for a few days on the off chance that something I want becomes a daily deal to add on to order. There are maybe one or two DVDs I don't have yet that I want. And also contemplating what fitness products I "need". But excited to place my order soon!
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    How is the new STS pull-up and dip bar different from the Fit Tower? I realize that both are listed as "optional" equipment, but if we have a Fit Tower, do we need the pull up and dip bar?
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    Input on others suggestions for upcoming STS video display

    A vote here for timers. I like having a timer for how much longer there is in a segment. It gives me an incentive to push harder toward the end knowing that the pain will soon be over. I also like knowing how much time I have during rests to get my metrics written down on my workout sheet.
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    We've Now Finished The Filming Of STS Muscle & Recovery!

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I can't wait! For once, I am looking forward to a Monday!
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Phase #3 Legs

    2nd - We MUST know where we can get camo leggings too!
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    STS Muscle & Recovery - First Pic!

    Was that just me screaming "TAKE MY MONEY!"?? LOL. Can't wait for the preorder announcement.
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    Workout Series for Menopause/Post Menopause (Based on Cathe's advice in her recent article)

    I read Cathe's newsletter today that discussed the changes you should to your health routines you should make once you hit menopause ( with interest. How about an exercise series that focuses on the heavier...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    @ashaw - The latest treatment protocol from Frontline Critical Care Aliance (FLCCC) mentions that hydroxycholoroquine is the better treatment than Ivermectin for the Omicron variants. ( I had Omicron in June...
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    Oldie But Goodie! Slide & Glide!

    I'm a big fan of Slide n Glide too. The Double Trouble premix is one I use often. The best thing about it is that it's really fun! It's also one of my go-tos for travel, since all you need are the discs and bands to do the whole workout. This and Total Body Trisets are the best ones to have...
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    Beachbody question

    Like or hate Beachbody, it was P90X (for which I paid full price for the DVDs) that got me back into working out again after a long off and on hiatus. Just sayin. I have a lot of Cathe, but I have a lot of other DVD's/subscriptions as well. Quite frankly, I can't do too long of one instructor...
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    I strongly urge you to consult with your physician/cardiologist before you engage in any strenuous physical activity. Experiencing chest pain is not a thing to shrug off. We now know that COVID (as well as the COVID shot) can cause heart inflammation/myocarditis and blood clotting. This is no...
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    Beachbody question

    I can't speak to 80 Day Obsession, but I have tried another of Autumn Calabrese's programs, Country Heat . (Yeah, I know. Don't judge :-0. I was gifted those videos). I have to say that I was fairly surprised that I actually enjoyed the workouts, her personality, and the instruction, but I...
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    About My New Workout Series

    Second the request for inclusion of exercises that include a pilates ball, standing core, and the BOSS BANDS! I love those bands and lloops!