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    X-Train One Rep Max

    I am finishing a pyramid of STS and I want to do a 90-day X-Train next. I know the workout cards for it are available to print, but they don't have the one rep max information for the exercises -- even though I did a test and enter the data for every exercise for STS. Is that something that can...
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    STS download space

    How many gigabytes is the entire STS series going to take up? I need to know if I need to buy an external hard drive. Thank, Tobermory
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    Asthma and Insanity

    Ladies, I have exercised-induced asthma (as well as every other kind, but that is not relevant to this discussion) and I am curious about those of you with this condition who have done Insanity. I can now do all of Cathe's step workouts and IMAX2, and I am starting to work through IMAX 3. If...
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    Calorie Deficit

    Hi all, I have lost 10 percent of my body weight and now I have hit a plateau that has lasted a few months. I am wondering if you all think that it might help to decrease my calorie deficit. I need to lose about another 10 percent. Right now I usually have a 750 to 1100 calorie deficit per...
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    5 ft 3 and under May 29

    Ladies, So today (starting last night) is a Jewish holiday in which you stay up all night studying and pray at sunrise (which is nice here because we do it outside at Lake Michigan). I am now going to bed and if I do anything today it will be walking to a friend's house for dinner. Of...
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    5 ft 3 and under May 28

    Good Morning, I will be doing a full body workout today -- either Supersets or Power Hour depending on my mood. Tobermory
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    5 ft 3 and under May 26

    Hi, I am posting early because I wanted to get opinions here on the whole "I am short and have strong legs but don't want to look like a hobbit" issue. How heavy are you all going on leg work? I think my thighs are beginning to get a wee bit bigger than I would like. They don't have any...
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    Can someone help me out here? I work my lower body 2 to 3 times a week, and I am fairly strong. I stretch after workouts and I massage my thighs, sometimes I ice, but when I do more than 2 flights of stairs my thighs kill me! What am I doing wrong? I would think that since I am stronger I...
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    Ultimate Guide???

    Anyone know what happened to the guide that was attached to Can't find it anywhere! Thanks, Tobermory
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    5 ft 3 and under May 20

    Hello, Very, very bad headache, but my friend came over so I had to work out, so I did Supersets to make it a not-too-intense day. I think we will do Muscle Endurance on Friday, but we shall see. Tobermory
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    Clean Eating -- Please clarify

    Can someone please tell me if you are eating the same number of calories clean vs. not clean, are you expected to lose more weight, or perhaps, more fat, if you are eating clean? A calorie is a calorie, so I am a little unclear. I understand why it is healthier to eat clean and that is going...
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    5 ft 3 and under May 19

    Hello Beautiful Women, Today I will be doing kickboxing and having an overly-busy, likely irritating day (that should raise my calorie count, right:) Hope you all have a good day --- free of injuries and other annoyances. Tobermory
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    5 ft 3 and under May 15

    Good Morning Ladies, Today I think I will do Step Fit and maybe some boxing. Hopefully, it will stop raining long enough for me to take Agnes for a walk. Although she did get a walk yesterday, it just keeps raining and I think she is getting tired of playing fetch down the hall. Tobermory
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    5 ft 3 and under May 14

    Good Morning Petite Ladies, Today I will be doing S&H shoulders and legs and perhaps a little running. Hope you all have a lovely, lovely day. Tobermory
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    5 ft 3 and under May 13

    Hello Fit Ladies, I am doing Step and Intervals from CTX today, along with one of the TJs. Pouring rain, so I don't know what I am going to do about the hyperactive Agnes (aka the puppy). I ate a lot yesterday as a friend took me out to dinner for my birthday -- but I must say, it was...
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    5 ft 3 and under May 12

    I can't decide whether or not to do an S&H rotation this week or do a full body today. I know this inspirational and probing question will be on the minds of all the people on this sign-in today. I will post later if I figure it out and actually lift. Tobermory
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    ultimate guide

    What happened to the ultimate guide? I used to be able to access it from the homepage. Is there another way to get to it, and is it being updated? Thanks, Tobermory
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    Your dog's favorite workout move

    Mine loves it when I do planks. During planks, it is apparently essential to lick my face and try to completely distract me so that I cannot finish. Granted, biceps done over a ball are also good -- excellent time to lick shins -- but I would have to say that Agnes is really more of a planks...
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    Question/Opinions about Cathe's Ultimate Guide and the One at the Top of this Page

    The difficulty level of several workouts -- for example Stepworks and StepFit as well as most of the CTX series -- have very different difficulty ratings on one guide than another. I was wondering which one those of you who work out a lot thinks has the more accurate difficulty ratings...
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    Where do I find old rotations?

    Hi, I know I can find more recent Cathe rotations on the workout manager, but where do I find older ones? Thanks, Tobermory