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    the best of both worlds

    A leg workout that alternates weight with Pilates type exercises. Example.. pile squats with bar then go on floor for inner thigh leg lifts. Same concept for outer thighs, glutes hamstrings etc.
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    More hiit

    More hitt. love the idea of a medley hiit....8 mins loop hiit, followed by 8 mins step hiit, followed by 8 mins floor hiit or any variation of that. Followed by abs.
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    Hiit variety!!

    I would love to see more hiit workouts in live. I love them. What about a variety hiit medley workout. 8 mins step hiit followed by 8 mins loop hiit, followed by maybe 8 mins of band (on the floor) hiit. to total about 24 mins then an ab workout at the end. Please please???
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    Out of the loop....

    I don't come on the forum that often so I must be out of the loop...(no pun intended) But, Cathe does not sell the firewalker loops anymore? If not, where do you get them now (the ones similar to Cathe's)? Thanks! JaneJ
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    Aerobics portion

    Just wondering it there will be a way to do two aerobics sections back to back when ordering the dvds. (without changing the disk)? Thanks JaneJ
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    More Hiit and Tabata

    Would love more straight aerobic Hiit and weights. Was thinking maybe alternate between step and floor intervals. JaneJ
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    Shorter SDS

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE another SDS but have the length of each workout be 40-45 mins instead of over an hour. The 3 months is fine JaneJ
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    best of both worlds

    I love lifting heavier wights but I also love doing exercises like floor leg lifts etc. What about a workout that alternatives heavy with a floor type.
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    Jump rope

    How about a hiit workout using a jump rope?
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    Has anyone bought and did the 90 day AthleanX workout? If so what exactly is it? I can't seem to make it out. Does Jeff do the workout with you or just tell you what to do? What about AthleanXX for women? Did you like it? Any info would be great. I really like him and would love to try it.
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    Cathe live

    Hi Cathe - Not sure where to post a request for a Cathe live. I would love love love a Kickbox hiit workout. I am loving the Cathe live. JaneJ
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    Hi Cathe - I would love to see a Tabata live, much like the one you did on the dvd with the 5 rounds. JaneJ
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    Cardio Core Circuit Live but other body parts......

    I loved doing CCC live this morning. How about you take the same format but instead of core put in say lower body for a workout. ?
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    100 rep challenge question....

    Hi Cathe - I love the 100 rep challenge. I notice that you do the 100 rep challenge on small muscles only (upper body).. such as tri's, bi's, lateral raises, and rotator cuff. Does that mean one should not do a chest press, chest flys etc??? Could you do 100 rep challenges on any...
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    abs in new series

    For those of you able to review the whole series... which workouts besides Lean Legs and Abs have an ab section? Thanks!!! JaneJ
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    STS - optional leg-squat rack rountines

    I asked this question on the video forum but no one answered so I will repost here. The other day on FB I asked Cather what the difference was between a bent leg dead lift and a squat. She replied that on STS optional leg routine that there was a very detailed explanation. I have watched...
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    STS - optional leg-squat rack rountines

    So, the other day when Cathe was on FB, I asked her what exactly the difference is between a bent leg dead-lift and a squat. She replied (made my day) that in STS leg squat rack disk was a very detailed answer to that. I do have the disk but, I can not seem to find it. Can anyone tell me...
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    lower body

    I would love a quicker lower body (maybe about 40 mins - including abs) -but, I would love all floor work - like inner/outer thighs, butts, nothing with heavy weights. JaneJ
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    abs in new series

    Bad me, I have not done the entire series yet because I have redone the ones I have already done. Therefore, I was wondering which new workouts have abs sections in them. I know Trisets, slide and glide and Turbo Barre. Are those the only ones? Jane J
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    lower body

    Hi Cathe- I would love a workout that is for lower body - no weights - only the band or ball. Like leg lifts,pilates type, etc. I know some of your workouts have this in them, but, I was thinking a whole workout. JaneJ