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    Fit Tower

    Anyone else missing the mat and loops that come with the Fit Tower package? I carefully scoured and re-scoured all my packaging, but they are definitely MIA. :-( I just emailed the fittower customer service email (thank you for providing in this thread!) to see when I can get them sent.
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    Weighted Vest?

    Thank you, ladies! I just got an Amazon GC, so this is a no-brainier!
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    Weighted Vest?

    My apologies if this has been asked recently, but is the Fitness by Cathe 12-20# weighted vest no longer being sold? If this is the (sad) case, does anyone have a recommendation for a similar product? I will be starting STS M3 soon, and was really attracted to the flexibility of adjusting...
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    Christmas Movies

    I admit, I am a sucker for the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies! I actually find them borderline humorous how predictable their plot lines are, but hey - that's part of their fun. Even my husband likes to chime-in on how kitschy they are. :D They definitely help keep the holidays merry +...
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    Another little mishmosh using GreatGlutes

    Thanks, Sherry! I watched a quick preview and think I may snatch this one up. :D
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    Another little mishmosh using GreatGlutes

    Sherry, how did you like Mindy's leg workout with the BOSU? I've been looking for something effective to get my BOSU back in my rotations. Thanks!
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    I thought you should know....

    Cathe, I am channeling much love and sympathy your way... Daughters have such unique bonds with their fathers. So, so sorry for your loss.
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    Cross Train Xpress ever DOD?

    Yes, it definitely does come up once in a while. I bought it as a DOTD a few months ago, and have loved the workouts I've tried from the package.
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    Cathe's Newsletter

    Last week, yes. This week, yes. Hang in there, Nathalie - I bet it is on its way! :D
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee, you bring such true joy to this forum - please know that we are all feeling for you and your indescribable loss. Much love to your entire family at this devastating time.
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    Greg in the warm-up! Annoying

    Unfortunately, his form and participation are lackluster throughout... So I make sure to keep my attention towards Cathe, the ladies, and Al. Absolutely love Al's enthusiasm, and glad to see him in the upcoming spin release! :)
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    Breaking Weightloss Plateaus

    Nathalie, thank you so much for posting that article! It does truly reinforce what I've learned in the last few months in my own journey (and my reasons for sharing my OP). Tracy, I can only speak to my own experience that once I started upping my kcal intake per day (specifically, through...
  13. C is having a sale

    I'd like to throw in an enthusiastic thumbs-up for the new Ryka Exertion for your shopping! :D. I'm not sure if Cathe wears them in any of her new workouts, but I have found them to have the closest *feel* to my original Transitions from a few years back. I do have to note though, if you...
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    Black wrist band on Workouts

    Hi, Cathe - I've always been curious about the black wristband you wear in almost all of your workouts. Is it just a rubberband for a quickie hair pull-back? Or some sort of good luck or symbolic band that you've always worn, so you don't want to stop? Odd question, I know... but I've...
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    Great Glutes Premixes and Chapters

    Thanks for the update! Do you have an approximate running time for the *Extreme* premix? That one looks awesome! :D
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    Breaking Weightloss Plateaus

    This is a great article on how you don't have to starve yourself with 1200 calories/per day to lose weight. It wasn't until I started to feed my body the carbs and protein it needed to sustain my workout habits, that I actually made the scale move. Fitness Fix: How I Busted Through My...
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    T25 Beachbody Just Started

    I've been doing pre-mixes of Cathe's weight workouts 3x a week with T25, and I don't feel wiped out - though truthfully I am not lifting as heavy as I usually do because of the energy spent. Alpha Speed 1.0 and Cardio both have a lot of lateral movements that would best benefit from a...
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    T25 Beachbody Just Started

    I am finishing up Alpha this week, and am also a big fan. Like these fine ladies who have posted before me, I am (A) incorporating Cathe's weight WO's (usually a premix) 3x a week so I don't lose any strength gains; and (B) not following the nutrition guidelines. I feel I eat pretty clean as...
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    Juicer Recommendations?

    Thank you, ladies for all your input! I'm pretty sure the Norwalk is out of our reach :D, but we will def do our research on your other recommendations. On a side note, my husband was very impressed with how quickly I received responses to my OP. He is now a believer in the power of the...
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Another vote for the Polar FT4! I've had mine for 5 years now, and can't imagine working out without it.