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    Book your hotel room ASAP!

    I called the hotel 5 minutes after signing up for the road trip, and I was on hold for close to 10 minutes. The lady I talked to said they were getting bombarded with Cathe road trip reservations! She then proceeded to ask me what this was. I explained "Cathe" to her, lol and what would be going...
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    Can you PLEASE help my homeschooling son!

    Hi All! I haven't posted in a long while. Will you please do me a favor? I hope it's ok to post this: We are starting a homeschool geography project inspired by another homeschool family. We would like for anyone that can, to send Kyle (9yrs. old) a postcard from your city, state, or...
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    SNM - Do you reply to emails?

    There was a thread last week concerning a forum member asking about if you reply to emails. I contributed to that thread saying you were probably delayed with all the questions asks about STS cardio. I do understand that, but I emailed you on March 25th, received a ticket #. It's been 6 days...
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    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!
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    ? for Kathryn!!!!

    or anyone else who is a member of Dr. Fuhrman's member center. Is it worth the price? I want to join, but was wondering if it was a waste of money or not. TIA
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    Amy Bento's clips are up!!!

    Amy's clips are up on her site!! They look great!!
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    Shipping Alert!!!

    Read the blog everyone!!!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY eminenz2/Susan!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Susan!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!:-) :-)
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    Happy Birthday Karin (Berry99) !!!!

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!:) :)
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    We were told 90 days right??

    I looked back at my invoice for the preorder, it is dated for June 25. Well it has been almost 90 days. We have not heard anything for a while. Let's speculate!!! I am hoping they are almost ready and SNM is waiting to make sure there are no problems. I hope they are close to shipping!!! I...
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    Salad ideas please!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, DH and I are trying to eat salads everyday, but the same old salad every day is really getting to me. Will you share your salad ideas with me? What do you put in your salad to liven it up a bit. TIA!!!:)
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    can I tell you my dirty little secret??

    Cathe is coming out with new workouts in a few weeks, (that I pre ordered on the first day) , but I have never attempted to try the ones from her last batch yet. I always overlook them when I am deciding which workout to do an any given day, I always feel intimidated by these workouts, like I...
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    ??? for Roadtrippers

    Hi everyone, We all know that Tracey S. went to the road trip, but I thought Amy Bento was going to. I have not heard anyone mention her. Was she there? Did anyone get to meet her? Sorry, I am just being nosey!! :) :)
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    Kassia, I little birdy told me that today is your birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day !! :-) Sorry this is so late in the day!!;)
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    What does your POST-workout meal consist of?

    Hi everyone, I know that some of you drink smoothies after workouts. What do you put in them? If you don't do smoothies, what do you eat after a workout? Is it the same for cardio AND weight workouts, or does your post-workout meal differ depending on if you did cardio or weights? I really...
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    ??? ordering from Canadian websites

    Hi everyone, I understand that when Canadians order from US websites, they are charged extra taxes and duties etc, upon delivery of their packages. Is it the same if we here in the US order from Canadian websites too? Are we charged these duties and taxes too? I would like to order from...
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    Happy Birthday Janie Joey!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Janie!!! I hope you have a wonderful fun filled April Fool's birthday!!!! :-) :-)
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    How did you do in court today!! I hope things went well for you!! :) :)
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    Berry99/ Karin !!

    You had knee surgery last Wednesday. How did everything go? How are you feeling? I hope you have a speedy recovery!!:) :)
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    Is this normal?

    Is it normal to feel the need to ALWAYS buy tons of workout DVDs that you know you won't even do right away? I know that many of you have lots of videos too, but do you actually use them all? I have yet to attempt Cathe's new ones, I previewed them once to make sure the replacements were not...