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    Workout Series for Menopause/Post Menopause (Based on Cathe's advice in her recent article)

    I read Cathe's newsletter today that discussed the changes you should to your health routines you should make once you hit menopause ( with interest. How about an exercise series that focuses on the heavier...
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    Ripped with Hiit 2 Upcoming??? With bands?

    What's up with this????
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    Barbell clips for Fit Tower - Are they available anywhere?

    The FitTower website doesn't even list them. I've also looked on Ebay, and no luck there either.
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    Ripped w/ HIIT 2

    Pretty, pretty please!
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    I truly have a problem

    So I did a back-of-the envelope calculation today and figured that if I only did one workout (including various premixes) of all the videos I have in my library per day, it would take me about 4-5 years to get through them all. And that's not including repeats in any given rotation. Now, of...