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    Rotation with just shock cardio?

    Does anyone have a rotation using just the shock cardio workouts?
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    Help! I stink at plyo legs

    I just started Meso 3 and did my first plyo legs last night. I'm in serious trouble here. I either only make it through 1/3 - 1/2 of the reps/time and end up hanging out for the rest, or I work at 1/3 to 1/2 the pace and get in very few reps. If I try to push myself, I end up getting one or more...
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    Ankle weights for scrawny ankles?

    I've been using my old Altus ankle weights for the bonus section of legs in meso 1. (I'm doing the 6 month, so am still in meso 1.) My issue is that they slosh around on my ankles even at the tightest I can pull the strap and take a long time to put on. Clearly they were designed for men, not...
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    Need mod for side-lying one-arm pushups

    I'm looking for a modification or alternative for side-lying one-arm pushups. I can't do exercises that involve rolling across the hipbone. Even on puzzle mats, the pain of my hip grinding into the floor makes me scream (same for that pilates move where you lie on your side and lift both legs up...