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    Weighted Vest?

    My apologies if this has been asked recently, but is the Fitness by Cathe 12-20# weighted vest no longer being sold? If this is the (sad) case, does anyone have a recommendation for a similar product? I will be starting STS M3 soon, and was really attracted to the flexibility of adjusting...
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    Black wrist band on Workouts

    Hi, Cathe - I've always been curious about the black wristband you wear in almost all of your workouts. Is it just a rubberband for a quickie hair pull-back? Or some sort of good luck or symbolic band that you've always worn, so you don't want to stop? Odd question, I know... but I've...
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    Breaking Weightloss Plateaus

    This is a great article on how you don't have to starve yourself with 1200 calories/per day to lose weight. It wasn't until I started to feed my body the carbs and protein it needed to sustain my workout habits, that I actually made the scale move. Fitness Fix: How I Busted Through My...
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    Juicer Recommendations?

    Anyone have a juicer for their hard vegetables/greens, etc. that they highly recommend? My husband + I have been making fruit protein smoothies with our blender for years, but we really want to *graduate* to a juicer so we can incorporate whole veggies. Any input would be greatly appreciated...
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    Guest Blogging from Cathe's Crew..??

    Just a suggestion here... I would LOVE it if some of Cathe's crew members would be a *Guest Blogger* on the Forum for an hour whilst the new videos are in production. It would be amazing to pick Jai's brain (so to speak!) for an hour on her diet and lifestyle, to know how she has actually...
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    Order of Exercises on Cathe's Workouts

    Recently someone posted a link showing a master list of the order/repetition of all the exercises in each w/o in Cathe's Low Impact Series. This was extremely helpful to me, as I printed it out and made my own version of an LIS Guide (similar to her XTrain Guide). Does anyone know of similar...
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    To the Max - Deal of the Day

    I was so happy to see this as the DOTD. Can anyone advise on the level of impact on the knees for this one? I see a lot of jumping on the step in the preview, but I'm wondering if modifying with just one set of risers helps @ all. Thanks!
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    Music for New Workouts

    Although I was super excited to see the update for the music on the new workouts, and get a better understanding of the overall process, I was disappointed to see that Chris Brown was one of the covered artists. And I am guessing it is way too far along in the process to change this...
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    Increasing My Flexibility

    Hi, Cathe or Cathletes - Any recommendations on specific exercises to help increase my flexibility? My posture is absolutely horrid, and I've made a point to sit up straighter @ work whenever I catch myself slouching. But it's also very frustrating when exercising - trying to keep my back...
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    Order Confirmation for New DVD's

    Just ordered the 6-dvd bundle this morning, and noticed there is no mention of Cathe's Greatest Hits as a line item on the order confirmation. Is that what everyone else is (isn't) seeing on their orders?
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    Arnica Gel vs. Tiger Balm vs. Icy Hot Patches

    Happy Friday! Can anyone give me feedback on their preference for using any of the above for DOMS? I specifically need to target my lower back and quads, if that makes a difference on what to use. Just looking for alternatives to pounding the Aleve and Advil all the time. :( Thanks!
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    Rockout Knockout

    Will there be a bonus bag section in the new DVD *Rockout Knockout*? SO, SO excited for these new workouts - what a great mix!
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    Love Al's Enthusiasm!

    Can I just say how much I love Al's enthusiasm in the Xtrain weight workouts! He can actually get me to smile during warm-ups. :p Great addition to the cast!
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    Patella Femoral Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome in my left knee about a year ago. The Low Impact Series has truly been a savior to my workout routines, so first and foremost - THANK YOU! Which videos in the series (or other Cathe series) do you recommend most as I continue my path to quad...