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    Breast Fitness

    According to Harley Pasternak (celebrity trainer), the following three exercises are best to prevent sagging breasts: Reverse Fly Lying Tricep Extension Superman The worst are pushups & chest presses/flyes. This explains why my posture hasn't been looking so great, it's those darn chest...
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    Did you see Robert...

    (from Cathe's STS series) he was on an episode of Excused (a reality dating show). Here's a link to the video clip--
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    Question - the multi press rack on Cathe's set for STS

    To SNM: The blog dated 3/21, where Deazie & Robert are pictured doing an incline bench press, could you please tell me if the Troy lite barbell fits on the rack that Robert is using? If so, do the weights sit inside or outside of the vertical bars? Any info you could give would be very...
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    Cathe, was that you I saw . . .

    on PBS last weekend? I was flipping through channels on the tv and saw Dr. Nick (hey, that's Cathe's doc!). He (Dr. Nicholas DiNubile) was giving a presentation on "Your Body's Framework". As the camera was scanning the audience I thought, 'I wonder if Cathe's sitting in with the...
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    MIS on dvd (I'm impressed with the potential it has...)

    I'm rediscovering the Maximum Intensity Strength workout on dvd and can't believe all the possibilities with it! I've done the whole workout in the same order as the video but soon got bored with it. Then one day I was looking at the weight training workout templates on and...
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    Floor mats (for carpeted surfaces)

    What are your suggestions for floor mats (for carpeted surfaces). My feet hurt when I do the high impact moves in the step aerobic workout (such as Interval Max). Do you have any suggestions about where I can purchase one? Thanks, Fay
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    Which do step do you prefer (Body Max or MIC)?

    I currently have Step Works and would like to add another. I prefer the more athletic step workouts & narrowed down my choices to two but can't decide between the step workout in Body Max or MIC. What's your opinion? :-hmmm fitness fay