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    Breast Fitness

    Here's the video from Harley... The Revolution - Harley on Breast Fitness - The Revolution - YouTube
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    Breast Fitness

    Cathe's response to this issue... Cathe confirmed in her XTrain Series (see p. 53 of the User's Guide) that muscle imbalance/poor posture can be remedied if we "put additional focus on...the weakest muscle". She even includes a Bonus Rear Delts workout in disc 5 (XTrain, Legs). Thank you...
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    Xtrain vs STS

    Here`s an explanation from Cathe`s Blog (Announcements): XTrain (July 2012) Cathe Friedrich - Announcing Cathe’s Next Video Series – XTRAIN STS (January 2008) Cathe Friedrich - STS Presale Begins Saturday, January 12th
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    I download the workout to my PC, customize the chapters with the Workout Blender, & then upload it onto my new 7" Kindle Fire HD. I got the 32gb specifically for my Cathe workouts (more affordable than the iPad) and absolutely love it! Kindle Fire HD - Most Advanced 7" Tablet - Only $199
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    Will the workout blender work for DVDs

    This may be an option for converting dvds to digital: Free Movie Converter - Freeware for Movie Conversion
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    Cycle Max with a stairmaster

    CycleMax is great for the elliptical. For a quicker pace I use less resistance and when the workout calls for standing I increase resistance. Cardio Coach is still my favorite for the elliptical & if I want a change of pace I`ll choose CycleMax. So sorry for not replying sooner, I haven`t been...
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    Help, my body has shifted...menopause?

    I thought I had to workout more than 5 days a week to tame my growing midsection since entering perimenopause. For me, what made the biggest difference is diet. Not a one-size-fits-all way of eating but personalized according to your own individuality & genetics...
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    Still having dizzy spells...

    When I had dizzy spells for a few weeks, I would omit any of the exercises that required bending over. As soon as I discovered the dizziness was diet related & changed my eating habits the dizziness went away.
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    Facebook & Twitter

    I reluctantly joined Facebook only as a last resort to get help from a very select few groups. Most of my profile info has been privately locked. For example, I'm a member on (a free site for knitters & crocheters) and when they did not have answers related to my machine...
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    Breast Fitness

    According to Harley Pasternak (celebrity trainer), the following three exercises are best to prevent sagging breasts: Reverse Fly Lying Tricep Extension Superman The worst are pushups & chest presses/flyes. This explains why my posture hasn't been looking so great, it's those darn chest...
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    I got these instead... Here's the link-- Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more The stand comes with the set, free shipping when you pick them up at the store, & extra discount if you go through ebates. They're perfect for when I do the...
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    Total Body Triset upper body express

    Yes, it includes back & biceps. The premix is one set of all the triset exercises.
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    Total Body Triset upper body express

    For an express complete upper body workout Choose the Total Body Express premix and fast forward (or keep clicking the 'next chapter' button) to the upper body section which starts at 20:03. Fay
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    Trisets Upper Body Split

    Upper Body Express is missing back/biceps making me feel lopsided (not my favorite premix), I ended up fast forwarding through Total Body Express to the upper body section.
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    Gym Flooring

    I have cushion tile installed in my workout room too. Cathe's sliding discs work better on them without the covers.
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    Did you see Robert...

    (from Cathe's STS series) he was on an episode of Excused (a reality dating show). Here's a link to the video clip--
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    Athletic Training!

    Isn't the 'running man' move in this workout the same as a 'repeater'? What's the difference?
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    Cycle Max with a stairmaster

    I bought Cycle Max hoping it would be similar to Cardio Coach (Sean O'Malley is great for cardio/high intensity interval training). Looking forward to doing this on my elliptical too, thanks for posting your reply.
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    Advice on Sliding Discs

    I have Cushion Tile in my workout room, the gliding discs work better without the cover. I wish the discs weren't so wide.
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    Sliding discs?

    The cutoff date for the free gliding discs was July 27, 2011. I received the discs with my dvds hoping they would be better than my furniture sliders. I'm kinda disappointed in them, for me they're a little too wide (9" dia.). I prefer the width of my furniture sliders instead (8" long x...