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    Slow heavy premixes?

    Hi, I have a question about the slow and heavy DVD. I noticed on the description at that the DVD has 15 premixes. Is this a new addition? My copy of the DVD (which I bought years ago) doesn't have any premixes. Or is this a mistake on the description? Thanks!
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    Old Cathe rotation for skinny fat?

    I'm copying this from the rotations forum, hoping that Cathe or someone can help... Hi all, A couple of years ago (or more??) Cathe recommended a long rotation for someone who asked for advice on being "skinny fat" (I think that was the expression). Cathe recommended 2 different rotations...
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    Old Cathe rotation for skinny fat?

    Hi all, A couple of years ago (or more??) Cathe recommended a long rotation for someone who asked for advice on being "skinny fat" (I think that was the expression). Cathe recommended 2 different rotations, one to start with and one later. I remember they were in 2 different threads. It...
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    Image verification problem

    Please can I ask that Cathe/SNM consider using a different image verification system (for searching the forums). I am slightly colour blind (unusual for a woman but true) and find the image VERY difficult to see without help. I have used image verification on other websites with no difficulties...
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    Family issues

    I hope nobody minds that this isn't fitness related, but I know that the people here have provided thoughtful opinions in the past so here goes... I am having real issues with my mother over the fact that I fell out with my brother a couple of years ago. Because Christmas is coming up, she is...
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    4DS total body?

    Has anyone tried the total body premix on the 4-day split yet? Any feedback? I was thinking of trying the total premix but choosing 1-2 rounds from each section to make it shorter and more doable for me. Then, the next time I could choose different rounds. I really like total body workouts and...
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    Opinions please :)

    Which Cathe total body weights workout (can include premixes) would provide the best strength gains? Pyramid total body bonus premix? Muscle Max? Push Pull? MIS? Any others that I have forgotten?
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    Cathe: 4-a-week rotations?

    Hi Cathe, Would you consider occasionally putting together rotations for people who only want to work out 4 times per week but still use your advanced workouts? I'm very much looking forward to receiving the new series as I know this will fit the bill, but would also like rotations with...
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    Total Body Sculpting - anyone do this?

    Is anybody using the Total Body Sculpting workout that is on the Low Impact Step DVD? It never seems to get discussed, yet is one of my favourite Cathe strength workouts that I keep coming back to. It touches every major muscle in 30 minutes and uses the stability ball. Often on work days I just...
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    Cathe - Rotation suggestion for July

    Hi Cathe, with the filming of the new workouts, it would be great to see a July rotation featuring a cardio/4-day weights split using current DVDs/premixes. I know we could make our own, but we love your rotations...! :-) :-)
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    Substitute for Low Impact Circuit?

    Just thinking ahead to the intermediate rotation...what would be a substitute for Low Impact Circuit as I don't have this one yet. Not Cardio and Weights because that is already in the intermediate rotation. I was thinking maybe Circuit Max but I think there's not enough upper body work...
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    Faux CTX using S&H

    I thought I'd share my own faux CTX rotation using S&H and various cardio workouts. I love CTX and really hope that Cathe makes another series like this. I've tried to follow the format of Cathe's CTX as much as possible. Of course, instead of S&H, any other weights workouts could be used, eg...
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    Butts and Guts and lower back

    To those of you who have the Butts and Gutts workout, how do you find the floor work on your lower back? I find that the kneeling on all fours type butt exercises and too much kickbox-type kicking (eg in Power Half Hour) give me a sore lower back. I also experienced the same in a Legs Bums and...
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    Cathe or SNM, I wondered if you would consider putting a fixed post containing answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). For example, questions like "what is clean eating?" and "how should exercise be modified during pregnancy?" I'm sure there are lots more... Just a thought :-)
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    Cathe - yoga DVD?

    Hi Cathe, I remember you mentioning some time ago about the possibility of creating a yoga workout, and wondered if that was still a possible plan for the future? Wishing you a speedy recovery!:-)
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    Strengthening abs before pregnancy

    Hi all, I don't usually post in this forum. I wonderered if anyone could advise regarding the most effective way to prepare the abdominals BEFORE pregnancy. Traditional crunch type work? Planks? A mixture of both? I'm currently focusing on callanetics - are the benefits of callanetics only...
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    Which kickbox?

    I've been avoiding my Cathe kickbox workouts for about 1.5 years because of a lower back problem that I'm seeing a chiropractor for. I want to try again to see if I can do it without making my lower back sore. Any suggestions on which ones are the easiest in terms of kicking?
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    Wedding video review?

    Can someone tell me what the wedding video is like? I know that a lot of people like it and that it is thought of as an introduction to Cathe. Can anyone give a specific review, especially of the weights section, eg, is it very high rep like muscle endurance or more moderate rep like MIS? I am...
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    In need of motivation

    I've done very little exercise in the last month or two and am feeling very unfit! :( (IBS, fatigue, and stress have taken over lateley.) So... can anyone suggest a relatively easy rotation to get me back into the swing of things? I have all of Cathe's DVDs and just seem to look at them and...
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    What are symptoms of perimenopause?

    Can anyone tell me? I'm only 33, but lately have been getting hot (sweaty) alternated with cold during the few nights before my period. Also, I don't have a clear day 1 anymore (ie spotting in the few days before).