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    Day Hiking (Trekking) Shoe Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend brand/model for a day hike in the jungle. It will be hot and humid so insulation isn't needed. I don't need a waterproof pair since we'll be stopping for a swim in the waterfall. I'd like a pair that has these features: *soft lug to release mud quickly *drain water and...
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    Trying to find Carol CrunchyMomof3

    If anyone here knows how to contact her, ask her to email me. I PM'd her, but her profile page says she hasn't been active since May. I've lost her email and contact information. Thanks so much! Wendy
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    ~~~Watercooler Terrific Tuesday~~~

    Getting us started. BRB, gotta make a pot of coffee. Wendy
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    Watercoolers Wandering Weekend

    Hi Ladies, Getting us started for the weekend. Laurie... Hope you find a beautiful, WARM dress to buy!!!! Kim... How did the interview go? Jeanette.... Baby still stinks. She must have rolled over something more foul than an earthworm. LOL Thanks for the evaporated milk idea...
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    Watercooler Weekend

    Looks likes it's going to be quiet here this weekend. I hope Kim is finding lots of deals in the US! Debra is playing with CBL on her childfree weekend. Laurie is shuffling her children all over the place. And, Jeanette is helping the Captain clean the camper between century rides.;) I'm...
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    Homeschooling Friday

    Hi Ladies, Just starting a new thread for today. Kathy, Enjoy your PA visit. You've got a friend in PA.:D Looks like you won't be traveling back my way either. Lori, I checked out that stability ball workout on YouTube. Oh MY!!!! I've gotta try that. I doubt I'll be able to do that...
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    Homeschoolers Monday

    Hi Ladies, About to start hitting the books. Hope everyone has a great day!!! Wendy
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    Watercoolers ~~~Hanging Around Monday~~~

    Just getting us started for the day. Wendy:)
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    *** Watercoolers Weekend Sleepover ***

    Good Morning! Just getting us started. No sleepovers here. Leaving in a bit to practice massaging dh at Patti's house. Will be back to post later for catch up personals. Wendy
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    ~~~Homeschoolers Weekend~~~

    Good Morning Ladies, I still have to get to yesterday's workout, MM. I'm leaving soon to practice massaging my dh at my therapist's house. Lori, How did you hurt your knee? Hope everyone is doing well. Wendy
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    Homeschoolers Thursday

    Good Morning, Today is going to be another rest day or a yoga day. I'm taking my girls to the aquarium for eldest dd's birthday. Have a great day!!! Wendy
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    Homeschoolers Wednesday

    Just getting us started. Today is a rest day. Got L&G done last night.:) Wendy
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    Homeschoolers Tuesday

    Just getting us started for today. I did BM2 Timesaver premix yesterday afternoon. Today is a run/stretch. I think I'll skip it and do L&G. Be back later for personals. Wendy
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    Homeschoolers Monday

    Just getting us started. BM2 never happened this weekend. I took naps, organized my kitchen, did laundry, homeschooled my twins, read about trigger points, and practiced massaging my dh. I'll probably do a premix of BM2 today. I don't have much time in the afternoons. Hope everyone is...
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    Homeschoolers Friday

    Just getting us started for today. I did LIS very late last night. I might not have time to do a workout today. I have an anatomy quiz and massage test tonight. Hope everyone has a great day!!! Wendy
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    ***Homeschoolers Thursday***

    Good Morning Ladies, I may do Cathe's Sept. rotation today if I can find a sub for CTX. Any suggestions? Welcome Jessica!!! Glad you found us! Wendy
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    ~~~ Homeschoolers Wednesday ~~~

    Good Morning Ladies, I did Kenpo before I had to get ready for my massage. Ended up having to cut out the last set (10 minutes) before fast forwarding to the stretch. I thought I was in my zone when I was doing it. However, my average was 137, 177 max and 319 calories burned for 51 minutes...
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    Homeschoolers Tuesday

    Good Morning Ladies, Just getting us started while the girls eat breakfast. After we finish with school, it will be KPC or Kenpo. BBL for personals. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Wendy
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    Watercoolers Labor Day Monday

    Just starting us off for today. BRB for personals. Wendy
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    Homeschoolers Monday

    Good Morning! I still have DOMS left over from GSLegs.:eek: How sad is that!!!;) Today will be Power Yoga 4 Happiness Vol.2. Later on today, I'll be practicing massage for a couple of hours with my massage therapist. That's always a workout in body mechanics for me. Hope everyone has a...