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    Fluidity Bar?? Anyone

    I have a client who has both. She's using P57 right now. She told me that P57 has a faster pace than the Bar Method. I'm not sure how it compares to Fluidity. I do know that it works her outer glute muscles a lot. She's been doing P57 and hasn't noticed any changes. I think she's going to stop...
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    Day Hiking (Trekking) Shoe Recommendations

    Janie, Thanks for being happy for me. I plan on taking pictures. I'd love to blog about it, but that sounds like work! ;) I hear you about the large bugs. I've been to Thailand (mainland) before and the bugs there are HUGE! Large enough to feed a family of four!:eek::D:D I can only imagine...
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    Day Hiking (Trekking) Shoe Recommendations

    Thanks Beavs, Gayle, Cindy, Claire and Christine!!!:) I appreciate all the information. It's good to know that blisters shouldn't be a concern with sandals. I don't think the bugs and critters would mind seeing me in socks with sandals either. :D Beavs, I will look into future purchases...
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    Day Hiking (Trekking) Shoe Recommendations

    Cindy & Claire Thanks for the recommendations and advice! :) I'm planning on the Klong Son & Elephant Trek: I'll be carrying a small daypack. There isn't any information available to say how far we will trek...
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    Day Hiking (Trekking) Shoe Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend brand/model for a day hike in the jungle. It will be hot and humid so insulation isn't needed. I don't need a waterproof pair since we'll be stopping for a swim in the waterfall. I'd like a pair that has these features: *soft lug to release mud quickly *drain water and...
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    Video Tryouts

    Traci, I would LOVE to see you in a Cathe video!!!! Congrats on your STS bod!!! :):):)
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    Trying to find Carol CrunchyMomof3

    Bump Trying again.:(
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    Where do you get great prices on airline tickets?

    I usually find better prices a month or two in advance. If I'm more flexible with travel times and dates, I can save more money. I check the prices for different departing/returning flights for every day that will work for my schedule. When I booked my flight to Thailand this week, I got a...
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    Roadtrips and CEC's

    I'm sure Cathe would be an awesome CEU instructor. The RT I attended, Cathe was so busy leading workouts for everyone, not teaching how to instruct a workout for a limited number of attendees who may be interested in CEU credits. She did have educational speakers.
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    Roadtrips and CEC's

    Wouldn't that be great idea and tax write-off!:D Cathe could invite guest speakers who are qualified to teach CEUs.
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    Best way to get back into things

    Hi, With everything going on in your life, I commend you for wanting to establish a fitness routine. For days where time is a short, I like the 4 Day Split and Cross Train Xpress dvds. You can mix and match workouts on those dvds for days when you have more time/energy. HTH's Wendy
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    Trying to find Carol CrunchyMomof3

    If anyone here knows how to contact her, ask her to email me. I PM'd her, but her profile page says she hasn't been active since May. I've lost her email and contact information. Thanks so much! Wendy
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    hurt deltoid muscles

    Agreeing with the previous poster about seeing a doctor. If it is your rotator cuff, just resting may not help as the smaller, weaker muscles need strengthened with lighter weights as to not recruit the delts or traps. Peace, Wendy
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    Discipling other peoples kids?

    I should say, that I don't allow others to discipline my child.... even if I thought it was right. It's not their job. Wendy
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    Discipling other peoples kids?

    This is the reason I don't like watching other people's kids. Everyone has their own thoughts on discipline. What may seem permissive to some is strict to others. I don't discipline other people's kids. Nor do I allow others to discipline mine. I am considered strict as far as most parents I...
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    STS Check In Disc 7....

    Instead of shoveling the driveway, I saved my energy for Disc 7.:p I was especially tired today.:( I didn't do my 1RM for some of the shoulder exercises. I overestimated how much I could do for some of the barbell presses.:eek: My shoulders are burning... in a good way.:cool: Those 21s with...
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    Rejoining STS after an illness?

    I took a couple weeks off due to illness. It was definitely not from over-training either.:p:D I only had Meso 1 week 1 completed before I stopped. I picked back up with Meso 1 Week 1 Legs. I didn't feel 100% when I started back up. I did not maintain 60% 1rm. I knew I would have to lower my...
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    Quick question. Is it considered cheating if I used my high step with 8 risers for 1 legged sit and stands?:D Honestly, I still felt the muscles working and didn't come up for a full stand. Next time, I'll lower the risers by one.:p Wendy
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    Just finished Disc 6. Yowza!!!:eek: My adductors were still sore from Sunday's Disc 3!!!! I felt them pulling for almost every exercise. I was able to do all the wall squats with weights this week. Last week, silly me tried using the stability ball against a support column/beam. Wasn't easy...
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    Equipment needed for STS?

    The Fluidity bar will be perfect for pull-ups and chin-ups. One pro to having a step is if you ever decide to buy Cathe's step dvds. STS doesn't include cardio dvds. If you want to lose weight faster, you'll have to incorporate some cardio into STS. You could always walk/run too. Wendy