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  1. mom418

    fitting sts plyo in my lifting routine

    I'm doing the all pro beginner. M heavy, W 10% less than heavy day, F 20% less than heavy day weekends are off lifting, and I do a max of 2 days of intense cardio any of the days i'm not lifting. i just started my 2nd cycle. I want to do a sts plyo workout, but i don't want it to be too...
  2. mom418

    shoulder padding for barbell on shoulders?

    I need to lift heavier. The safest way to do that is using some type of rack, and the barbel on my shoulders. you already know this, just stating the facts. so even now. as out of shape as I am, there is very little padding on that part of my arms/shoulders, so what do you girls do? wear...
  3. mom418

    Join a squatathon challenge

    It's called Another Squat Challenge, and it's on there are many other challenges on that website too. the squat challenge is a great way for those of us, ahem (waves both hands frantically, me) that need to get back into the swing of things after the holidays or work on our...
  4. mom418

    Try wall sits with a kick

    Shrinking Bootcamp-Wall Squat Kick - YouTube
  5. mom418

    100 Rep Challenges

    All of them are for upper body except 1 (hip thrusts). I would have liked to see more of a balance, I guess. What do you think?
  6. mom418

    New Year Challenge

    This week's challenge: Alternate sets of 10- 15 reps of squat + side kick (s)? with your choice of cardio. I'm going to do stair sprints. For my example, it will be about 2-3 mins on each. Do 3 or more circuits, depending on your fitness level, and if this is your w/o of the day, or...
  7. mom418

    Differences in measurements right/left side of your body

    Has anyone also noticed this? I have noticed before, but never this drastic. Today there's a whole inch difference on my quads. :o I did not behave myself over the holidays. :O But I did avoid making sweets at home. So the damage wasn't as bad as in the past.
  8. mom418

    Structured Procrastination

    Structured Procrastination I am the worst procrastinator.... Have to work on getting important things done.:o This seems useful, so I had to share.
  9. mom418

    What my scale would say if it could talk:

    What My Scale Might Say If It Could Talk “Get off! Get off! Get off!” “Maybe you’re just retaining fat.” “They say any loss is a good loss. How’s about -.00001 lbs.?” “Here comes the pain!” “Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows.” “When you lose, you take all the...
  10. mom418

    A different way to look at holiday eating- use it to bulk up

    How to maximize bad eating habits during the silly season - Crude Fitness Unfortunately, my body seems to think that idea has left the station. We're doing 'bulking up' without the weight training, lol. :rolleyes: Time to kick it into gear!
  11. mom418

    Please Help

    I can't get my nose to stop dripping. I'm getting over a cold, but this afternoon and evening, there's just no end. Like a water faucet. I'm trying to get a bunch of cleaning done, and this is just nuts! As soon as I replace the bit of tissue catching the drips (sorry if that's gross), I'm...
  12. mom418

    I Need Quiet Early Morning Workouts Suggestions

    I'm considering doing early morning workouts. So I need quiet, quick cardio. I have db, so quiet weightlifting is no problem. I love kpc, L&G, HiiT, STS Plyo, bootcamp style Not interested in step. Always mostinterested in workouts that work my whole body or focus on legs. The ideas could...
  13. mom418

    Vegan or Vegetarian Cookbooks

    This is a gift for my sister. She eats mostly vegetarian, and is considering going vegan, but doesn't know how on a budget. She's going to be in college soon. Dietary Restrictions: Low Fat, possibly high fiber because of GB removal She can eat cheeses like Feta, but not soft cheese...
  14. mom418

    Challenge for the new year

    Would anyone like to do a challenge for the new year? We could do different weekly exercise challenges like do x amount of lunges, or posting about the ways we sneaked in the exercise. I have done walking lunges in the grocery store a few times. Anyone interested in some kind of challenge for...
  15. mom418

    Vegan no-bake pumpkin cheese cake

    :eek: Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake, Thanksgiving Recipe, Fit How To - YouTube When I have more time I can type out the ingredients, but they are listed on the screen in the video.
  16. mom418

    Things you didn't know *pets edition*

    Rabbits- will warn other animals by stomping their feet loudly if they are scared or angry, and will defend themselves even kick the offending animal (it was quite a sight to see our puppy afraid of the rabbit afterwards, lol. We'll have to get that on video.) They eat all kinds of kitchen...
  17. mom418

    Sweet Potato Quinoa Black Bean Burgers with Cranberries

    Recipes | The Lean Green Bean 1 medium sweet potato 2 c black beans, cooked 1/2 c onion, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 an avocado 1 c quinoa, cooked 1/2 c fresh cranberries, roughly chopped 1/4 c chickpea flour 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp paprika Instructions Stab the sweet...
  18. mom418

    Have you had this conversation with before?

    My mom- so which instructors do you like? me-Cathe mom-Kathy Smith? me- no, Cathe Friedrich, all the other workout videos are compared to hers. She is the best. I go on to explain gift card options, and that I won't stop liking Cathe anytime soon. I will still like her years down the...
  19. mom418

    homemade gift ideas

    Gifts to Make for Your Man Gifts for Kids SALT & SUGAR SCRUB easy gifts: SALT & SUGAR SCRUB! There are many more tutorials of other bath salts, lotions, soaps, shampoo. Great for that person that loves bath & body works without the price tag, or for yourself :p 16 Gifts for the Office...
  20. mom418

    Vegan and gluten free meatballs

    Mediterranean Lentil Meatballs | Everyday Dish A video is on the link. This is a really simple pantry recipe, low in fat too :) Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine lentils, oats, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, basil, tomatoes, onion and mustard in a high speed blender or food...