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    Spin/cycle pretty please

    Cathe can you please do more spin videos?? I know you have some in live but streaming and downloading are not feasible for me.
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    smart tv vs aple tv?

    hi, I am getting a new TV and am wondering if a smart tv will work with cathe downloads. if it would, could you please provide an updated tutorial? or some quick instructions please? what is your opinion on smart TV's and ease of use compared to apple tv? the tv is just for my gym. I...
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    Intensity series downloads vs. DVD

    soooo.... would you say that it is worth it to buy downloads for the older workouts? I have some DVDs but am switching to downloads. I am basically waiting to get my equipment all hooked up and then I am going to go crazy and buy all the downloads I want and take advantage of the 50% bulk...
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    Rear delts on both leg workouts?

    Hi I am trying not to get ahead of myself but i have been following and loving the updates on the X-Train workouts. I notice that one of the leg workouts doesn't include rear delts in the title or updates. Do both leg workouts still include rear delts? I really hope so as I am looking...
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    dreaming about LBB

    its official, I am obsessed. I have been sick for a month and then, because I am so run down, I started injuring myself (mild concussion, broke big toe, etc etc.) :mad: I have been missing my workouts so much. I was actually dreaming at night about running on my treadmill and doing Lower Body...
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    Opinions on Body Rolling, Yamuna?

    Hi: I have been using a foam roller and various balls for myofacial release for a few years but I am the type that needs a video for this. I tried books and don't use them. Has anyone tried a Yamuna body rolling video? or class? or any other body rolling video? I have scoliosis and have to...
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    square high step?

    I have an oddball step that only goes to 10 inches, it is a great step but I can't add more risers to it. so I am going to get a new step but my question is can I use the standard size platform with many many risers for all of Cathe's workouts? (as used in 2 newest workouts) or are there some...
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    feel fit wear distracting

    this is my personal opinion, and is just a comment.....while I love original stuff.... I am a huge fan of lululemon:o it would look so amazing on Cathe's crew! I am distracted by the fit of the clothes in the Low Impact Series. the seam on the butt cuts into the glutes, I find it so...
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    wrist wedges for all those pushups

    I was frightened by all the pushups in meso 1 because I have pretty severe thumb and wrist tendonitus from breastfeeding (3 years ago and my new baby now). I actually saw a comment on collage (on afterburn I think) suggesting wrist wedges. I didn't want to pay to get the dod brand to canada so...