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  1. mrsprincess07

    Looking for Cathe Blog or forums links...

    I’m about 6-7 weeks away from Baby #3 arriving! I’m looking for links or titles to google of Cathe’s prior blogs or forums questions that she responded to about starting over COMPLETELY as a total beginner. I have the fitness knowledge but I have to begin a Day Zero and I’m overwhelmed. I have...
  2. mrsprincess07

    Cardio on Carpeting?

    I am starting to get back into my Cathe Workouts after a very long time away. In that down time we have purchased a home that not only has a slab foundation but also carpeting. 2 big strikes against my already damaged knees. I've never done workouts on either before until now and going without...
  3. mrsprincess07

    Cathe onDemand is awesome!

    I purchased the subscription this afternoon and while I haven't worked out, I have been making my own workouts. This is a really nice feature! I can take all of the chapters from the DVDs that I have as well as the ones that I don't, and make a workout that fits my needs without issue. I wish I...
  4. mrsprincess07

    Lower Body Band work on DVDs

    Dear Cathe or Whomever May Know- I have Gym Styles Legs and Butts n Guts which have lower body premixes that focus on Floor Work, some of which uses bands. I also have Turbo Barre but I don't remember the premix options. I am not able to do lunges anymore and today, found out just how bad my...
  5. mrsprincess07

    Great Glutes/Lean Legs Questions

    Dear Cathe or anyone that would know- I have some questions about Great Glutes in particular and perhaps Lean Legs for the outer thigh regions. With regards to all three heads of the Glutes, Maximus, Medius, and Minimus: 1. Does Great Glutes (maybe even Lean Legs) train all 3? 2. If...
  6. mrsprincess07

    Great Glutes question(s)

    I am waiting for my Great Glutes and Lean Legs DVDs to arrive. In the mean time I am having to meet with my Orthopedist about reoccurring hip issues from many moons ago. I am leaning towards soft tissue issues bc I haven't (a) kept up on my PT exercises from several yrs ago, (b) have a toddler...
  7. mrsprincess07

    Warning for Shakeology Users

    I saw this blurb on Dr Oz. I am not sure how credible it is, I'm not a fan of his show and I don't know if he has a reputation that can be trusted. However for Shakeology users, this might be worth looking into. He had an expert of some sort on his show that tested various protein powders...
  8. mrsprincess07

    Music Disclaimers

    I purchased Great Glutes just now and read this in the description: "Though we cant please everyones musical taste, Triple Tracks Audio is an industry first that should please the majority of workout enthusiasts." I was a little shocked that something like this has to actually be printed...
  9. mrsprincess07

    Kickboxing suggestions (NO KCP) :D

    Howdy! I am getting back into kickboxing workouts after several yrs of no interest in them. I was wondering if any of the STS Cardio KB workouts or even hard strikes is similar to Kick Max and/or 4DS kickboxing? I really enjoy those two however I am not a fan of KPC or oter earlier KB...
  10. mrsprincess07

    More Total Body Workouts

    I love the recent TB workouts and I love using the gliding discs in High reps and the bands in Travel Fit. I'm just hoping for more TB workouts in the future!
  11. mrsprincess07

    BM2 UB & Core- Showing my love for this older workout!

    This workout used to be my favorite strength DVD and one of my favorite step routines a few years back. I have not done anything with this DVD since late 2009 and dug it back out last night. I did the UB Strength and Core and instantly remembered why I loved it so much! It moves quickly and gets...
  12. mrsprincess07

    STS 2: Is XTrain considered this?

    I was curious after reading some of the posts from SNM (granted that was a few weeks ago and my memory these days is not good with pregnancy) that XTrain was an STS-like program. My questions are: 1. Is this new system supposed to be the follow-up to STS? 2. If not, or even if so, have...
  13. mrsprincess07

    Yoga Max/Relax during 3rd Trimester?

    Has anyone tried to do the two yoga workouts during the 3rd trimester? I go into the 3rd next week. I have both DVDs but have yet to use them. I am not sure if they would be possible to use at this point or if I just need to wait until after Baby Girl is born.
  14. mrsprincess07

    XTrain UB Question

    Out of all of Cathe's Upper Body workouts I have to say that I LOVE her UB Work in BM2 on the Ball. I am curious to know if there will be any total upper body work or total upper body premix that will clock in somewhere bwt 20-30 minutes like the BM2 workout did? I know she has other great...
  15. mrsprincess07

    XTrain: Will we be able to order individual DVDs?

    I would like to know if at some point we can either pre-order or order after release individual DVDs? I am only interested in the strength workouts and would like to purchase those only if possible.
  16. mrsprincess07

    Premix ? For the New Workouts

    I read the list of Cross Fire Premixes and was wondering if any of those were strength-weight-band only premixes?
  17. mrsprincess07

    Cathe- Could you make a new Intermediate Rotation of us?

    With LIS being out for a while and all the wonderful premix options we have from your collection, I would like to know if an updated version of the Intermediate Rotation could be made using the newer (2006 to current) DVDs? It might sound odd but I know for me and I've read about others in...
  18. mrsprincess07

    Travel Fit 2 & Possibly a Travel Fit/SnG 2 combo DVD

    I wanted to take a moment and thank Cathe for responding to a comment I made about Slide n Glide and Travel Fit being the "perfect" pair, and for encouraging me to leave these comments in the Suggestion Forum. I want to suggest that a Travel Fit 2 be produced sometime in the future and it has...
  19. mrsprincess07

    Just an Observation about Slide n Glide & Travel Fit

    I think they would pair together perfectly! I am thinking about using the 2 workouts as my strength workouts during the week and I think they will compliment each other nicely. SnG has a lot more lower body work, but it's also body weight and conditions the smaller muscles nicely. You get a nice...
  20. mrsprincess07

    Hip-Hop Repeaters, Please!

    I just would like to see more Hip-Hop Repeaters in step workouts. They are a blast and I just adore them. That is all. Thanks! :D