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  1. missyt

    Roku only has 205 live workouts

    Why can I not see the newest live workouts? Mine goes up to 205??? Does my roku need to be updated? Please advise! Sent from my SM-G930VL using Tapatalk
  2. missyt

    Cathe calendar

    When do these ship????;)
  3. missyt

    calendar 2014

    When will these ship???? Excited to see them!!!! :D
  4. missyt

    scale addiction....

    Yes...I admit it...I have a scale addiction. Over this past year...I was working on I always watched the that I just want to maintain...I freak over every ounce thay goes up. I know your body flucuates....but should I try to only weigh once a week, go by measurements...
  5. missyt

    Road Trip???

    Cathe---Any thoughts for road trips in 2013? :eek:I know you have been busy...but I am really hoping you come south this year!!!! :p
  6. missyt

    Self Tanner

    Any opinions on self tanning? I recently stopped using tanning beds...due to fear of cancer...but I don't want to get ghostly white! LOL Please...any suggestions????:) Thanks :D
  7. missyt

    Merry Christmas Friends!!!

    Merry Christmas!
  8. missyt

    when does calendar ship?

    When does 2013 calendar ship? Thanks!!!
  9. missyt

    Barbell Pad

    Any thoughts??? Thought I may invest in one for hip thrusts..... If you use one..... 1. Do you like it? 2. What brand? Thanks........:eek:
  10. missyt

    Muscle Quiz

    It's time to take a muscle quiz....see how much you know.....:D Oxygen Women's Fitness | Health | Muscle Matters Quiz!
  11. missyt

    Oxygen Ab's Special

    I picked up oxygen's ab special at the store today, and Cathe's Core max DVD is listed as an awesome core workout!!! Way to go Cathe!!! I get so excited when Cathe's workouts are listed in magazine! They should be, there awesome!!! :D
  12. missyt

    4 Day Split

    I just received my package today with my recent Cathe order. I tore open the box and headed straight for the exercise room. I did Kickbox today. It was amazing!!!! I am in LOVE!!!!:eek: OMG.....did I say I am in LOVE!!!! :eek:
  13. missyt

    Tanning Lotion

    Anyone go to the Tanning Bed? If so, what lotion do you use? I am currently using Pretty & Reckless. I just finished a bottle of Drama Queen. I do like these two, but I know you are not suppose to use the same lotion month after month. Just curious? :) Summer is coming....
  14. missyt

    Army Wives

    Anyone else a Army Wives fan? I am so excited about the season premire tonight.:D It on for 2 hours. I may have to take a nap this afternoon so I can stay up for the entire show. It looks like it may be a tear jerker!!!
  15. missyt

    Intensity Series or Hardcore Series

    These are the last 2 series I don't own. Which do you recommend? Since its March appreciation month---I thought I would add one of them to my collection. Please give me your thoughts...... Thanks:D
  16. missyt

    How often to get new shoes????

    How often should I buy new shoes?
  17. missyt

    Mini Chocolate Souffles

    I saw this receipe in my oxygen magazine and thought it looked good!!! Mini Chocolate Soufflés Ready in 30 minutes • Makes 4 servings Ingredients: •Olive oil non-stick cooking spray •1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa •1 1/2 tbsp white wheat flour •1/2 cup low-fat milk •6 tbsp honey...
  18. missyt

    Slow Cooker/ Crock Pot

    Any recommendations of a Slow Cooker/ Crock Pot receipe book? I love using mine, but don't have alot of receipes for it.
  19. missyt

    Meal Planning

    Does anyone plan there entire weeks meals? Everyone tells me that I am crazy....but I feel it helps me stay on track and also helps me with time. I work full time, so I am limited on exercise time. This is what has helped me stay consistant with exercise. I go to the grocery store once a...
  20. missyt

    How Often do you get on the scale?

    How often to do you weigh? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never? I never thought I would be obsessed with my weight, but I think I am. I want to weigh every day. But, when the number goes up it is always disappointing. Even though I know it could be water weight. The scale normally goes...