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    My X10 DVD no longer works. Should I try Ripped with HIIT digital download to replace it? Or a different one?

    I've had the X10 DVD for a while, and in the past months I built up my endurance level slowly from doing just one of the workouts (plus warm-up and cool-down) to two, and now I'm up to three (I haven't progressed beyond that, as my legs are usually fried after doing X10 Step + Low Impact + Fat...
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    How do I get a step with 4 risers per side (8 total)?

    I am a fan of Cathe Friederich's workouts, and in many of them, she uses a health-club sized step with four risers on each side. I have been searching for some time online for a step like this that I could purchase; while I've found the step easily and two or three risers, none of them offer the...