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    Upper Body & Cardio Intervals?

    Hi all, Aside from Ripped with Hiit, does Cathe have any Live videos or DVD's that combine a complete upper body strength workout with cardio, preferably alternating weights and cardio? Or have you created one in the workout blender that you've shared? thank you!
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    Laptops at the gym

    Before my schedule changed I worked out mid-afternoons in a cardio room at the gym using their wifi and Cathe Live on my iphone. The gym had all the equipment and space I needed and I loved having a floor that was designed for high impact vs. the creaky wood floor in my small office at home. I'd...
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    Live Request

    Hi Cathe, I'd love to see a Push Pull Live 2 or Strong Total Body 2 - another fast-paced, 45 minute or less full body workout. I think these are both from 2015. Thank you for considering and for all the awesome Live content!
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    Short Upper Body Workouts

    Body Max 2 has an Upper body section that is about 22 minutes followed by 9 minutes of core work.
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    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    My experience with Cathe's lower body work is that it includes the hamstring and glute work you're looking for mixed in with lots of squats and lunges. Here's a few notes on Live Videos that may help. You can also use the User Guides or the...
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    best videos for hamstrings/glutes?

    No hip thrusts or bridges but the firewalker band work interspersed throughout "Live Power Legs #274" was great for my glutes. I did it yesterday and have nice DOMs today. I'll look at my notes later and post more ideas. Glad you asked and I look forward to seeing what others have to say.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Power Legs Live Workout

    This was an awesome challenge - perfect length, great mix of weights and cardio and as an added bonus, all the firewalker work from a variety of angles has given me glute DOMS today that I haven't had in a long time. Thank you Cathe!
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    Indoor Cycle videos

    thanks, Jennifer! I decided to start with the cycle from Xtrain series and it was a good challenge. I'll just keep trying til I've done them all. :-)
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    Indoor Cycle videos

    Does anyone have any input Cathe Live, On Demand or Blender indoor cycle classes? I take spin classes at my gym but times don't always work so I'd like to start using some of Cathe's. Any favorites or notes you can share regarding type of drills, difficulty, etc. to help me choose? Thank you!!
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    Video Clip of "Push Pull Total Body" Live video

    I love the flow and efficiency of this for a day when I want a full body workout and don't have a full hour. I'd love to see another version on Cathe Live, maybe this time alternating lower and upper body. Thanks for considering!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Oh My Glutes Live Workout

    I'm another big fan. I loved the variety and pace and haven't had DOMS like this in a very long time. Thank you Cathe!
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    Video of Cathe's Rock Bottoms and Core Live Workout

    I've had Cathe Live for over a year but just did this one today and I'm not sure how I missed it. Loved the cardio effect, lots of balance challenges which work me all over and the change of pace from heavier leg workouts. It seemed to target supporting muscles like floorwork does for me, so a...
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    Blender Question/request

    Is there a way to remove videos from the "Videos" section of the Blender when I'm making my Blender mixes? Often I'm dragging videos over to look at the chaptering/content to see if it will meet the need of the mix I'm trying to create, but either I don't end up using anything or just want to...
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    Nov 12, 2015

    Thank you fox2star! I'd forgotten about the spreadsheet and will check out the PHAT workouts and Metabolic Conditioning. So many great workouts.
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    Nov 12, 2015

    I've been doing Cathe Live at least 4x a week since the first of the year and have really liked all the workouts, but this is definitely my favorite. So efficient and fun - loved the combination and flow of exercises. The pacing kept my HR up, allowed me to go heavy and worked my whole body all...
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    Cathe Live TB Metabolic/Circuit with minimal equipment?

    One month in and I'm loving Cathe Live and feeling fitter as a result of all the variety and metabolic work. Most workouts I'm happy to pull out as much equipment as necessary, but occasionally I need to keep it super simple. Any suggestions for Total Body Metabolic/Circuit workouts uisng very...
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    Cathe Live on iphone

    I figured my issue out this morning. In case helpful, cookies needed to be enabled for the site in order for it to work on my iphone. thanks all!
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    Cathe Live on iphone

    thanks firemedic! I just tried it (very optimistically :-), eliminating and that didn't work either. hmmm...
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    Cathe Live on iphone

    Thanks for all the info! I did my first Cathe Live workout today and loved it, but I was home so I could use my computer. I've been trying to log in on my iphone using safari (so I'll have a more portable option even though the screen will be small,) but it's not working. I enter my email...
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    Cathe Live on iphone

    Does anyone view/use Cathe Live videos on their iphone? Would you be willing to share your experience? thank you!