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    Love the core work in the Fit Tower Series

    The core exercises in the new series are a lot of fun as well as being effective to challenge the core. I have vertigo and I am on the tail end of the most recent episode. The use of the band to pull up and use as resistance really helps me get my abs worked well without the room starting to...
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    Fit Tower

    Is there any way we will be notified when the Fit Towers will ship? When we purchased the tower, it stated that they would ship mid-August. Will it be announced or will we receive any notice when they are on their way? Thank you!!
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    Barbell Set

    I can't remember which Troy barbell set Cathe recommends and uses in her RWH series. Does anyone know off hand or know of another set comparable to it? Thank you!!
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    Weight Bar

    Has anyone tried using handweights instead of the weighted bar for the new HWR series that uses the weight bar?? I don't have a weighted bar and was wondering if I could get by with using handweights or should I purchase the bar and plates?
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    Music beats in Xtrains Legs, Disc 5

    Would anyone know the bpm's of the music from Cathe's Xtrain Legs DVD?? Trying to use a few of the exercises in a class and can't get the right beat.