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    I live in the West. The air quality has been terrible for the last month or so. Some days I can't see the mountains, that are just east of my home. So many fires burning right now. Anyone else experiencing this, and if so, what are you doing for exercise?
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    Legree Megaformer

    Anyone familiar with this workout? All the reviews I've read, are raves. I would love to try it, and if it is a rave, buy the megaformer to use at home. But, it looks like they only sell to studios. Probably too pricey anyway. They do have a studio close to my home. Any info appreciated. I have...
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    Funny Commercial

    I thought this was funny. The "scenery" ain't bad, either. I posted in my check-in, but thought I would share with everyone. Attachments area Preview YouTube video Save The Bros Save The Bros
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    I may be spending some time on the east coast this Winter. Where do you ski in the east? I have been skiing the Rockies, and Sierra's, also the Canadian Rockies. I've been skiing since I was nine years old. (that's a lotta years) I'm not familiar with eastern ski resorts. Any help appreciated.
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    Ok, I have heard so many conflicting opinions about soy. Anyone know the truth? The real skinny? I've heard that you should stay away from soy, it is the biggest GMO crop in the U.S. Men should definitely stay away, because it will give them man boobs. I've heard it's great for women, it has...
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    Does anyone have any experience with the PinnerTest? I received an email from Tony Gentilcore, with a $30 discount. Evidently, it's a blood test for food intolerances. At $490, it's pricey, but has great reviews. I found a Tamara Jordan demo video on You Tube. I've done food elimination "diets,"...
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    Fall Is In The Air...

    This morning the air was crystal clear and cool. This Summer has been very warm. Weeks that were close to 100 degrees. (thank goodness, no humidity) I'm a Summer person, and around the middle of August the temperatures fall and we start the beautiful, long Indian Summer. Delicious spiced drinks...
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    Anyone Familiar With....

    I love Horizontal Conditioning. It has a huge dread factor for me, but I do it anyway. The results are so fabulous. So I've been checking out the internet for similar workouts. This definitely fits the bill, great bodyweight work. Evidently, this particular workout will be released soon. Any...
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    Bodyweight Training

    I love bodyweight training, enjoy!
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    CLUTCH - CUT Anyone familiar with this? She looks good! I may go for it. It's a free PDF
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    on a great song, and artist. But, these people do have amazing voices.
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    Anybody heard of this? Looks like it's a Tony Horton military type program. Some workouts use sandbags, some use weights, some use just your body weight. It looks very interesting. I'm going to keep watching for information. It may be a go for me. We'll see!! Any information appreciated. Just...
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    ACTIVE WEAR Wearing the Active Wear. Where do you wear yours?
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    Ok everybody, what rotation, or routine or workouts were you doing, when you were in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE? Or, are you working on it now? What got you back in shape after a pregnancy? Let's hear it for the routine!
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    My hats off to all of you that live with humidity on a daily basis. It's hot here today, been raining, and it's humid. Certainly not as humid as some of you deal with. However, I am used to zero humidity. My husband travels to the East Coast on a regular basis, and the humidity blows him away...
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    Another Reason To Love Cathe!

    This was interesting:
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    Anarchy Workout

    Has anyone tried this one? Any reviews, or feedback? So many programs, so little time.
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    Clothing Line for Athletic Women

    Just found this site. Take a look!! I will have to think about contributing, but I wish her well.
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    by Cameron Shayne? They are very inexpensive at Amazon, and the previews look good, and Cameron is pleasing to look at. IMHO. A mix of martial arts, and yoga. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it.
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    Anyone have a signature scent? Something you wear all the time. For myself, what I wear to work is totally different, than what I wear when I'm going to dinner with my husband. Most the time I don't wear a fragrance, I like the smell of clean skin. Sweating, and fragrance, just don't mix, so...