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    Extra long boss bands are the best!

    I have to write to say I finally was able to do Boss Bands Total Body as Cathe intended. I wrote before laughing at myself because I would try to follow what Cathe was doing in the dvd but sometimes was met with bands that maxed out and would not stretch any longer because of my height. I could...
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    More Cathlete Ts Please

    This is a request for more Cahtlete T-shirts. I just watched the clip from last weeks live workout and Cathe has a Cathlete T on. It reminded me that mine are so worn out they have been relegated to gardening t-shirts and I'd love to have more to wear at work. I'm proud to be a Cathlete and...
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    A testament to the effectiveness of Cathe workouts

    I recently read how someone wasn't sure about Cathe workouts because there aren't before and after photos. I understand that sort of thing draws people in but I started Cathe in 2008 when I saw her on Fittv and have been an avid Cathlete for years now. I find her workouts to be the best...
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    My one "complaint"

    I was doing Rev'd Up Rumble for the first time yesterday and loving it so much that I felt I have to complain. (Mind you I earned a degree at sarcasm university). I love Cathe's workouts so much and LITE is so awesome that I want more and more!! I bet if the series had twice the workouts I...