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  1. JennieR

    How long have you been a Cathlete?

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be fun to see how long everyone has been working out with Cathe. I found Cathe through The Firm. I think it was back in 2008. I was hooked after the 1st workout. How about everyone else? :) EDTA: I've been working out with Cathe since 2006.
  2. JennieR

    Questions about Spasms/Tightness in lower back

    Hi Cathe, First off, I want to say that I LOVE the new LIS series. Low impact is my friend. :) However, ever since I started the new series when I start a workout, till about midway through, I get tightness in my back. So much so, that I get spasms in my low back and I can barely move...
  3. JennieR

    The Verdict is in

    The jury just found Amanda Knox NOT GUILTY. :)
  4. JennieR

    Tribute Song for Caylee Anthony

    I think this song is beautiful. The song was written by Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts and Cledus T Judd.....singer is a demo singer in Nashville named SHANE. YouTube - ‪She's Going Places-Shane Hines(Caylee's Song)‬‏
  5. JennieR

    A Petition to Create Caylee's Law for Caylee Anthony

    Here's a link to sign the petition if anyone is interested.
  6. JennieR

    WARNING Smartphone users

    All smartphone users are going to want to watch this. And please pass it on. You can read/watch the story here: Or just...
  7. JennieR

    About the Iphone app

    SNM or Cathe. Will you be adding the Social Groups to your iphone app?
  8. JennieR

    Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell

    I think this would make for great t.v. Though, I am a Howard Stern fan, so maybe that's why. :D By Eric Savitz Could Howard Stern be the next Simon Cowell? The New York Post reports that the producers of American Idol are eager to hire Stern for the show. The Page Six item says that Stern is...
  9. JennieR

    MJ's "This is It"

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I went tonight, and it was an excellent movie. It took you into MJ's world and made you forget about everything else. I could watch hours of that footage and not get bored. It's to bad he never got to do these shows. He was quite an entertainer. I can't wait till...
  10. JennieR

    MJ's memorial

    Who watched it? What did you think? I thought the people that put it together did a very nice job. I thought there was a great mixture of musical tributes and celebrity guests speakers. All to celebrate a man who brought so much joy to people through his music.
  11. JennieR

    SNM question about shipping STS Cardio

    I might be moving in the next month or so. If I order STS Cardio right now ( I want the presale price) how will I change my shipping address later on?
  12. JennieR

    Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

    When you were dealing with your PF, besides it being painful and hard to walk, did you notice any numbness/tingling/burning in your feet? I started taking an anti-inflammatory last month for my PF, but my symptoms have come back within the last week. I'll be calling the Dr. Monday. I really...
  13. JennieR

    What is a router?

    I googled this, but really didn't understand it. It just took me 35 minutes on the phone with the cable company to get me internet service again. They said I might need a new router. Does this mean I need a new computer? :confused: I plan on getting a new one, but not until I get my income...
  14. JennieR

    Cathe or SNM, RT questions

    Cathe/SNM, what happens if you want to go on the RT with someone and have plans to share a hotel room, but only one of you gets in? Also, is there a reason that you're only having one RT and not two? A friend and I would love to come on the RT this year (neither of us has been) but we'd only...
  15. JennieR

    RT question?

    Can someone tell me what airport you fly into when going to see Cathe? I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for.
  16. JennieR

    Obama..... If you voted for me.

    Here's a spoof from Beyonce's song Single Ladies. It's pretty funny. Check it out.
  17. JennieR

    I just got an email

    From UPS, and my package (STS) has been shipped. :eek:
  18. JennieR

    Howard Stern fans

    Travisli and I were thinking about starting a social group for HS fans. I know there are some fans on this forum. We're just wondering if anyone would like to join. I haven't created the group yet. I'm just seeing if anyone is interested.
  19. JennieR

    Is there a method to your madness

    Hi Cathe, I was just wondering when you put together a workout, do you realize how much "pain" you're putting everyone through? ;) Also, when you put your premixes together how do you decide what exercises to do that will be the most effective? I just did the Leg Blast Premix from B&G, and...
  20. JennieR

    Cat lovers come here

    I found this on youtube and thought it was funny. It shows everything cats are famous for.