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  1. laurengmt

    Turbo Barre 2.0

    Just did Turbo Barre again this morning and loved it, as usual. Any chance of getting a new Turbo Barre 2.0?
  2. laurengmt

    Just ordered Perfect30!

    What a wonderful, unexpected surprise! Thank you, Cathe!
  3. laurengmt

    NO!!!!! Just broke my ankle today, and the new DVDs are coming!!

    Fell down the stairs at home, was wearing socks, which is a big no-no with these stairs. Just hoping it heals fast so I can get on these new workouts. Hope my body knows it had better get on the healing process stat!
  4. laurengmt

    Thank you, Cathe.

    I just celebrated my 67th birthday yesterday by doing Coach Troy's Spinervals Hardcore 100, an over 5-hour, 100-plus-mile ride on the spin bike. I could not have done it without training with your DVDs all these years. You've kept me in shape through four knee surgeries and a back surgery, and...
  5. laurengmt

    Home Workout Heaven!

    First off, these LITE workouts are pure perfection for me. Because of a really bad knee injury, my lower body workouts consist of doing my spin bike workouts, bar workouts (not on toes!), and floor work mostly with ankle weights. For the last few years for upper body I've been alternating...
  6. laurengmt

    Exercises on DVDs that come with Fit Tower -

    how do they compare to the Fit Tower Advanced DVD's? I know the intensity in the first two isn't close, but I'm wondering if the exercises are so much like the ones in the Advanced DVDs that it would be redundant to get them. Anybody know? Thanks!
  7. laurengmt

    DVDs that come with the Fit Tower

    Does anyone know how I can order the DVDs that come with the Fit Tower without ordering the Tower itself?
  8. laurengmt

    Hats off to you, Cathe girl!

    I haven't enjoyed working out like this since probably the Intensity Series - well, maybe Turbo Barre. Fantastic workouts and music. You just keep getting better and better. Thank you!!!!
  9. laurengmt

    I ordered the resistance band and mat on June 13, got the receipt email, but have not received my order yet and am getting no responses to my emails about my order. Can someone let me know when I can expect my order?
  10. laurengmt

    Any info on Fit Tower Legs and Core exercises

    or any other updates on this upcoming workout?
  11. laurengmt

    Turbo Barre 2?

    I love Turbo Barre and am wondering if you're thinking of coming out with a Turbo Barre 2 very similar to the original but without plies for those of us whose knees are iffy. Maybe instead of the plie section for the thighs you could do something else for the quads, maybe front leg lifts?
  12. laurengmt

    Music suggestion / request for Strong and Sweaty

    Can we get some good old hard rock music in this time? Just a request from this old gal who will be 64 next week!
  13. laurengmt

    Any new cycling workouts on the horizon?

    I just finished Pedal Power and it slayed me again, as usual! To me, this workout is harder than the Spinervals. You're brutal, but I'd love more of these!
  14. laurengmt

    More Barre!

    Just getting into bar workouts and am loving the results. Turbo Barre is the bomb! i've got other barre workouts, but since cathe's the best and i'm a cathlete, i want more barre from HER!!!!
  15. laurengmt

    ? about treadmills?

    i've got a recumbent bike and a spin bike, but with winter coming up, i think i want a treadmill too. to make the temptation worse, i just found this at Dick's on sale from $999 to $699 and it has free shipping! anybody know anything...
  16. laurengmt

    frequency of floorwork?

    so, i've got a little sacroiliitis going on and am going to back off the squats and lunges until it calms down. in the meantime, i thought it'd just do heavy upper body work, abs and floorwork for the legs and butt. i only use 2-1/2 pound ankle weights. the chiropractor has said i can use my...
  17. laurengmt

    calling SRP -

    please PM me re: medical writing. i tried to PM and e-mail you and it bounced back to me? thanks.
  18. laurengmt

    Help! i have a two-month deadline

    and i need to get in my best shape by april when we take off for a year in antigua (hubby's med school - midlife career change!). I'm 54 and up till now have not had any problem with my weight as long as i am religious with my workouts and eat clean. so why now am i helplessly watching my hips...