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  1. darkangel

    Do "split" routines really work???

    I think body type needs to be taken into consideration, too - mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph - when choosing total body versus splits (upper/lower or three day split). An an ecto or hardgainer, a split plan with lower reps and heavier weights works best for me. The older Slow and Heavy and...
  2. darkangel

    Favorite upper body premixes??

    Another vote for PUB and CTX upper body is TOUGH.
  3. darkangel

    I don't get it

    It's amazing to me. And lest we think it's all the younger generation, my Mom, who is past retirement age, was telling me the other day how one of her friends had asked if she could ride with her to a funeral if she met my Mom at her house. The day before, my Mom called to confirm she still...
  4. darkangel

    Any odd (but awesome) benefits from strength workouts?

    Surprised no one has mentioned improved sex drive yet. Improved strength and endurance for everyday tasks as well as the occasional very physical days - moving or big project in the yard. (Maybe that's not so "odd," but is certainly awesome!
  5. darkangel

    Sookie Stackhouse - Worth Reading??

    Discovered and started reading Charlaine Harris' books long before the True Blood series came out. We don't have cable/dish, so didn't even know there was a series until we stumbled across it while on vacay. I think both are great, but the show certainly doesn't follow the books per se. My...
  6. darkangel

    Help for Dry Lips?

    Another vote for Burt's Bees - love the fresh peppermint scent, too!
  7. darkangel

    Proof my baby is a Cathe Fan!

    That's awesome!
  8. darkangel

    The Secret is out!

    Well said, Marie. To a certain extent, we reap what we sow, but I don't know how anyone can issue an ultimatum that all "bad" things are the result of a negative frame of mind. And I can only imagine how hurtful it might be to someone devastated by loss to imply it was their own fault.
  9. darkangel

    Impossibly curly hair - Help!

    If you're having the super curly problem as a result of chemo drugs, I can assure you, with time, your hair will move back toward it's previous consistency. When my hair grew back, it was super thick and tight curly like poodle fur. I agree trying to straighten it is a bad idea. Apply curl...
  10. darkangel

    Getting back to cardio

    I've been off the boards for a while concentrating on heavy weight training in the gym. I'm a hard gainer, so cardio is eliminated or used very sparingly in the program I'm on. However, I have a wedding looming and really want to get in top shape for it (and the honeymoon!). I've decided to get...
  11. darkangel

    The Apprentice

    My boyfriend's the big Apprentice fan, so I'm not that familiar with the whole thing, but I watched last night's episode with him. I was shocked after everyone making Randall out to be such a nice guy... and his little breakfast where he was so nice and complimentary to her... but then when the...
  12. darkangel

    Other forums??

    I check out some. I also spend a lot of time on a forum specific to the training program I'm on for ectomorphs. I'm pretty much the only active female on there, so it gets interesting.
  13. darkangel

    Legs & Glutes Xtreme

    You do look awesome. Very impressive!
  14. darkangel

    Does your dog do this?

    Hi Kimbra, I have two Shelties and neither has done this, but we don't get a whole lot of snow here in Arkansas, so it's always kind of an unwelcome surprise to them. They're both spoiled indoor dogs, and don't care for messy weather. My older one, in particular, seems to hate even getting...
  15. darkangel

    all i want to do is cry

    >I've had to have several cats put to sleep over the years, and >those last moments are so hard. But I want to be there with >them. To pet them. To tell them that I love them, and to >talk about all the wonderful times we've had together. Being >able to say goodbye is so important...
  16. darkangel

    What do you remember?

    You lose so much of the Christmas magic when you find out *gasp* the truth. I have fond memories of sitting in the dark, curled up in a comfy chair by the Christmas tree, enjoying the scent and the flashing colored lights. (We had the old, big bulbs that flashed on and off individually.) I...
  17. darkangel

    Do your animals watch you work out?

    .... Sorry, double post... not sure how that happened. How do you manage to do ab work while your dog's licking your ears? LOL
  18. darkangel

    Do your animals watch you work out?

    I have two Shelties. It's old hat to them now. They mostly ignore me. If I'm on the floor doing sit ups, the older one will occasionally come stand over me, looking down in my face. There's something about seeing a dog from below, with all that loose, furry skin under the neck that gets me...
  19. darkangel

    Janet Jackson has ruined my wardrobe.

    The fashion pendulum is always going to swing back and forth. And everything seems to come around again in about 20 year cycles. That said, I'm short-waisted, so I love the moderate low-rise jeans. I don't wear the super lows. I also prefer a bootcut because it balances out the hips and I...
  20. darkangel

    How big are your calves?

    I'm afraid to measure. Mine are tiny. I was called "chicken legs" in grade school. See, there's always someone worse off than you. ;-)