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  1. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for October 2015

    Hello ladies. Long time no see. Wanted to pop in and say HI. Been a rough couple years with sick parents. I am back in the game, slowly. Diana and Debbie. Hello. Where's Charolette? Today is after burn. and some piyo. Take care. Nice seeing ya still on here.
  2. acatalina

    Dr. Axe Cookbook

    Just a suggestion for a cookbook ladies. I found it used on ebay for 20. Kindle is even cheaper. I had a bad year with sick parents. Hense let my self go and took care of them and worked. I am getting back on track. This cookbook and some recipes are online. Awesome. I gotta loose the 25 i put...
  3. acatalina

    Possible Piyo in the future

    I haven't been on here in a while. I still use and buy all your Dvd's faithfully. Needed a change up and got Piyo. I really think it would be way better if you did one. Hint hint. Possible series. Either way . Your Dvd's are the best. Just a suggestion.
  4. acatalina


    Thanks I will down load it to my ipad. It would be nice to download to my phone. I am an android lover. Not crazy about the iphone. Maybe they will chime in when they have time. Are they in MP3 format? If so i may be able to on my phone.
  5. acatalina


    I would like to buy the downloads for cycle max and a few i can use at the gym. Can they be downloaded to an ipad? I have an android phone not iphone. I have the DVD's but i could plug into the ipad with the download.
  6. acatalina

    Tell us about your STS results!

    My STS Well i am only on meso 3 disk 28.. Meso 1. I hadn't been working out for 2 months doctors orders so i thought it was going to kill me.. I started out slow oh weaniefied.. Bicep curls i was only doing 10# in each hand . Shoulders 10.. Now to meso 3 i have gained so much strength.. I am up...
  7. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Weekend 7/4/09-7/5/09

    Morning ladies. Hope everyone had a great 4th.. Went to see Transformers.. Finished Meso 2 and took 2 days off.Beach next sun so no loss for time.. Swimsuit. LOL..There is a nice gym down there but a good drive to it.. I will catch 3 days in it and do the rest walking the beach. Starting meso...
  8. acatalina

    Forget Myrtle Beach - we're going to the Outer Banks!

    Banks We always satyed at the sea dunes (Kitty Hawk) town homes were my fav down there..Across the beach but nothing on the beach.. Direct access.I like having a pool. Jelly fish weeks and cold water. My fav restaurant is the Black Pellican. Fav pizza place is Daredevils. Awesome stromboli...
  9. acatalina

    EB and unwanted advertising - vent

    Well said My goodness folks.. Everyone has sponsors.. If it was not eggs then chicken then someone that doesn't eat chicken would complain. I am just happy to have the best workouts and best quality out there in Cathe dvd's..I own alot and none compare in quality.. You all rave in P90x and...
  10. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 6/29

    hello all I just finished disk 22. 2 more to go in meso 2. I am fried.. Then i did pilates abs. At least we are off the wave sets in this one.. I have a hard time incrimenting 1 LB extra. i don't have the weights only in 5's. Deb you look great. I know i would love to shed 10# but the last 10...
  11. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 6/22

    Morning all Just did oh what ever disk 2nd leg in meso 2. Tri sets.. A little quivery.. on this one.. I did push it to my max . Guess that is a good thing.. 3 weeks till vacation and i am so ready for a break.. Tomorrow is back and bi and some cardio.. May not be around . Have a Dr appt after...
  12. acatalina

    Hardcore Check in June 18,2009 Thursday

    Hello ladies Been buisy and haven't had time to get on here.. I am doing disk i don't know.. I think 16 tonite.. I am building alot of strength withn sts.. Diane Sue did you fing the dvd's ?? Good price for them anyways.. Not a waste if you don't love them.. Good workouts gals .. Have a...
  13. acatalina

    Fast tracking STS

    IS anyone else doing this?? I do alot of walking for cardio and i have been doing 3 disks then a day off with cardio..Abs every other day in from one or another dvd.. I am making alot of strength gains?? Think i am hindering my progress. I can definitely see a change in my muscles..
  14. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 6/15

    Morning wonderful ladies.. Just checking in. I am doing 'STS Meso 2 right now. I am on disk i think 1 4 legs.. This 60 sec rest i am not liking.. I fast tracked it throught the chest and flys since i can't lift them heavy, but even the tri and shoulders i could have gone less rest and i was...
  15. acatalina

    Old Timer check-in

    OMG I am a definite lurker now.. I pop in now and then.. Just no time to be on here all the time. Hi Nancy, Meg, Shelly and i am suckin on names here..
  16. acatalina


    hahahhaha You are funny. You are probably holding fluid.. It will pass.. Throw the scale. Measure.. Hello chickies. I am starting Meso 2 tonite. Finished Meso 1. I kinda fast pased it.3 days then a cardio day.. Liked it and got a lot stronger fast.. It is 4 weeks till beach and my arse needs...
  17. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 6/8

    HEy chickies Haven't been around in a while. Poppin in to say hello.. Doing STS right now and getting stronger every day. Now to eat reg and i would be better.. Just gota bow flex and to figure out how to use it and maybe i can do some heavier without killing myself. Well ladies keep ona...
  18. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 3/2

    OK, I made it .. Did disk 11.. I could have gone heavier on some. Used the Purple band instead of green, but i am definitely getting stronger.. Well, Doctors office called. Culture no problem, but the pain is gone... Something is going on here.. Maybe i need to go to the gyno ..YUK.. This pain...
  19. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 3/2

    Morning Diane Sue and Deb and everyone to follow. Trying to decide if i should work out. Still congested and feel crappy. I could sleep all day here.. I just want to get motivated and be back to normal here.. Didn't w/o all weekend. Pain in the pelvis from the bladder infection.. Finally gone...
  20. acatalina

    Hardcore Maniacs check in February 27, 2009

    Hey gals Juat wanted to pop in. I just got home . Went to Med express.. I have a fricken sinus infection and a uti.. I feel like a ball of crap. I have never been this sick in 1 winter like this year.. Gonna go decongest some and hit the bed. Take care all. Try to pop in .. and read up..