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    I think it’s time to see some bloopers on the Perfect 30 workouts. With the world the way it is right now, it would bring some levity and humor to our lives. How cute would it be to see some mistakes? Something simple to show us that we’re all human.
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    Suspending Live but keep favorites

    If I need to suspend my subscription to Live for a month or so, will all my “favorites” be there when I re-subscribe?
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    Cathe Live app missing equipment

    I noticed the last 3 live classes are in the app with no equipment listed. Is there a reason for the omission? Just wondering?
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    Updates on the new step dvds?

    Hi everyone, when can we expect any updates on the new series? Has filming been done yet? Crew members etc? Thanks!
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    List of Cathe Live

    I've searched the threads but can't find anything that has a list & description of Cathe Live classes. I'm looking for something that has them in chronological order. Am I missing something?
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    Account active but can’t watch live

    It’s happening again! When I try to pull up a live workout it shows that I’m logged in but if I select a workout it tells me I need to purchase a subscription. It shows that my account expired in Dec. That’s when I did a 7 day free trial to do a workout. (I only did the trial so I could do a...
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    Cardio party

    This was the first one I did and LOVED it! It starts with a warmup for about 9 minutes then goes into the cardio, no equipment needed. It’s not IMAX hard but got my heart rate up nicely. Simple moves are done that can be easily modified up. It has boxing moves so if you like weighted...
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    Weights used in "High Reps"

    Can anyone tell me what weights are used on the barbell in High Reps?
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    No mirror screen

    I need help. I have Cathe Live and stream it via the app on my iPhone to the tv with a lightening av adapter and hdmi cord. The tv mirror screens my phone. I’ve never had a problem. Now when I try to play something I can hear the sound but no picture. I streamed other things fine. I’ve...
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    weekend check-in 4/21-4/22

    Hi everyone!! Well I just had a great time at Waldo's. Different town...different group of people! WHOA!! Anyway, how is everybody doing? We all seem to have a lot going on in our lives these days. Missy, I hope your hubby is doing better. Times like this can be scary. I wish him better...
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    Daily check-in 4.13.18

    Good morning everyone. Anyone suspicious?? Friday 13th is upon us.... Today I did Cathe Live Booty Max that she just did. All I can say is WOW!! I loved it and it went immediately into the favorites file. It had a very nice cardio effect. Annette I hope your injuries are healing...
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    Weekend check in 3/31-4/1

    I’ll get us started. Where is everybody? I hope you’re enjoying your day doing what you love. Today I did another Michelle Dozois Cardio interval burn fat blaster. Whew! Felt great. Then we had our annual Easter egg hunt. Of course my MIL invited extra people that I wasn’t aware of...
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    Daily check-in 03.23.18

    Hi everyone! Yesterday was a real downer for me. I found out that a friend of mine had a car accident and passed away. She was younger than me!! I was shocked by the news. I just talked to her a couple weeks ago. Life is kind to each other. I'll check back later.
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    Daily check-in 03.19.18

    Good Morning everyone. I'll get us started. Today I did an oldie but a goodie. Cathe Cardio and weights. I think Missy has done this recently. I love Cathe's older step routines. So much fun and the music is decent. Henriette, I was feeling well on Saturday. Also a stomach thing. I hope...
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    Daily check-in 3.12.18

    Hello everyone!! Well, we're bracing for another storm here but I think it's not going to be as big as they first thought. Thank heavens. I'm sick of it. Today I did Cathe Live Lift it HiiT it legs. It was nice but I just didn't have a lot of energy this morning. I really have to plan...
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    Daily check-in 3.1.18

    Hi ladies! WOW! It's March already, seems weird. I hope everyone is doing well. Today I did Cathe Live "Oh my glutes". I absolutely loved it. I favor lower body workouts over upper body and this one has a nice cardio effect to it. Yes Henriette it went immediately into my favorites file...
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    Daily check-in 02.27.18

    Hello everyone! I'm having a much better day today. Thanks for the birthday wishes. My husband surprised me BIG TIME and is taking me on a cruise. He says it's a birthday present but I think it's because we didn't go away on a vacation last summer. He likes to get away too. Plus his...
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    Daily check-in 2.20.18

    Good Morning Lovelies! I realized I forgot to mention what I did yesterday. It was Cathe High Step Challenge. I took breaks and modified for my poor glute but it was nice to move! Today I did Cathe Live- Roadtrip All Step from 2016. I didn't want any weights today and this fit the bill...
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    Daily check-in 2.16.18

    Hi everyone, I'll get us started. Sometimes I make myself know how I love my binders right? Well I have a binder specifically for Cathe Live also. I printed the list from the Cathlete who posted it. I would write on it the date I did the workout and calorie burn or any other...
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    Daily check-in Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's day everyone!! Hubby and I don't really do anything anymore.. Too much stress! But we're getting sushi for dinner so I'm excited about that. Linda!!!! OOOHHH NOOOO!! I hope the chiropractor helps you out. I've had great experiences w/ that. Annette how did the job...