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    Will be 42 this year (yikes) the biggest thing I notice is my body's inconsistency in SPITE of MY consistency with exercise and diet. Some days/weeks I feel so tired for no apparent reason and pms takes me a good week to recover from. Some weeks I gain a ton of fluid weight and others I can eat...
  2. michefit

    Weight gain in menopause

    I say WOW too - I am 41 and am realizing I have to stick to a strict diet as well to stay lean. Do you happen to know how many calories this plan is? What do you consider a cheat meal? I know exactly what you mean about keeping things simple - as soon as I eat anything rich or calorie dense -...
  3. michefit

    Slimming question

    This and what Islandrose wrote.... I have totally backed off heavy weights because of the bulk issue. However I am shorter with a solid frame so bulky muscles are not a look I like on myself anymore. I have been able to keep muscle tone and definition without heavy weights (still doing...
  4. michefit

    3-5 days to tone legs & de-bloat???

    Totally agree here - I find heavy weights cause swelling and puffiness in the legs - Barre segments and lighter weights - high reps...stop eating after 6 or 7 at night :D
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    Starting STS next week - looking for advice

    I remember tacking on a short Hiit workout after the weights. On days that were not weight workouts - I would do a mixture of steady-state and Hiit - but I would keep your cardio to under 45 minutes. STS does make you tired more because you are really building muscle. I noticed that I did...
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    Question for those who do TA

    Glad to see this thread - I just started doing TA a couple of weeks ago - the Mat workout and Perfect Design 2 and 3. I have laughed at her workouts for a while - until I did them- now the laugh is on me.... surprisingly hard! Who would have thought swinging your arms around and using 3 lbs...
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    I hear you! I tried to order these as a Christmas present - and was told they no longer sell them? I had to order from Mindy Myrlea - or Amazon (expensive!) It seems a little strange to me...especially since so many workouts use the discs. :confused: Good luck...I hope they decide to sell...
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    Thank you, Cathe, for Lean Legs & Abs

    I REALLY like these workouts and the whole series for that matter. I have shorter and thicker legs and this series has definitely helped me streamline the thigh area. My pants and jeans are fitting more loosely each day. I am seriously considering staying with these types of lower body workouts...
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    Party Rockin Step 1 and 2

    Another love for these two - actually really liking all of the workouts! They have lots of fun-factor intermingled with hard-core work (X10) and no-dread factor lower body! Just what I need right now. I am actually seeing some good slimming effects on the lower body - short legs so maybe...
  10. michefit

    Got my dvds in Canada today!

    ...waiting patiently (mostly;)) in Woodstock- Oakville delivery gets my hopes up for tomorrow!
  11. michefit

    I'm back, thank you and new workouts

    So great to have you back... my thoughts have been with you and your family. I have been checking the forums daily to see reviews - can't wait for mine to come here in Canada. Thank you for your inspiration everyday! I do have a question about the leg workouts as a shorter person with thicker...
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    Hardest legs DVD?

    First - STS Meso 2 legs - if you go heavy enough...I am sore for at least 5 days with this workout. Next is Butts and Guts - somehow that one is just one tough workout - and again sore for at least 3-5 days. GS Legs would be a close third - but again you need to go heavy to make the most of...
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    Daily Deal: Bootcamp and ME - premixes?

    Has anyone done the bonus combo premix on this workout (it is total body combining parts from both workouts) I am considering getting this one...I look on the workout manager but the individual chapters for the premix are not listed. Thanks for any help you can give!
  14. michefit

    First Thought Today

    ...and they are really sweaty - just from the warm-up! Yeah!
  15. michefit

    First Thought Today

    lol - me too!
  16. michefit

    Post your XTrain results here!

    Definitely noticed some strengths gains! I have finished my Xtrain rotation a week ago and I just did GS bi's and back this morning and still felt the burning - BUT I was able to use 30's for the one arm rows and when it came time for the bicep concentration curls I was able to hoist that 20...
  17. michefit

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    My first suggestion would be a "Imax Step Challenge" Warm-up: Imax 2 (or warm up from HIS because I love this one and it's effecient) Workout: Imax 2 : Intervals 2, 5, 7, 8 Body Max 2: Power Drills (without the weights- may only use 2 for a shorter workout) Imax 3: Intervals 1, 5, 8...
  18. michefit

    So, what is your fav Xtrain workout?

    Hard Strikes is really growing on me- it is a great stress reliever without being killer hard- just plain fun cardio. I also really like the Legs - I didn't think I would because the weights are so light and the standing is short - but this is actually what I really like about it. It had no...
  19. michefit

    X-Train low impact Hiit

    Great sweatfest tonight...did this one for the first time. I actually used 3 risers for the step section (did the step section twice) and added core for a nice 1 hour workout. I added little hops for the floor section as well. So I wasn't totally low impact - but it was definitely LOWER impact...
  20. michefit

    Hard Strikes

    I thought it was a fun stress reliever - not too tough - or easy- just right.