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  1. Skyy2

    Advanced supersets-style weight lifting dvd

    Thank you for this reply. I may have been wrong... I guess my military training and my study of NLP and hypnotic writing makes me see patterns of persuasions everywhere.. it could happen, wouldn’t you say?
  2. Skyy2

    Anchorage folks in Cathe Nation?

    Eagle River is a nice place to live. I lived there for 3 years. It was so beautiful! I stayed on Post so I don't know about other areas than Eagle River. I would go there for my weight watchers meetings...
  3. Skyy2

    Advanced supersets-style weight lifting dvd

    This thread sounds scripted TO ME. It is not directed at any one particular poster on this thread. TO ME… It reads more like an advertisement for a product. I read more about how to purchase the product, than what makes the product different from anything already mentioned. I haven’t...
  4. Skyy2

    Advanced supersets-style weight lifting dvd

    This thread sounds kind of scripted. I'm not trying to start any heat or anything like that, but when I read through it, it seems like a push/nudge towards the beachbody program. That's fine if you've tried Cathe's and are seriously looking for something else, but it's not OK if the goal is to...
  5. Skyy2

    saliva hormone tests

    I did have a kit and was able to determine my ovulation days. It was easy to read and wasn't very expensive. Skyy
  6. Skyy2

    what should i do?

    Could you separate the two activities? Which one is more important to you now? If it is fitness - Mon/Wed/Fri - do your 60 min workouts. Tue/Thur - you could clean in the mornings (reverse the days if cleaning is more important to you at this time). Clean well enough on Tue/Thur- so that you...
  7. Skyy2

    Anyone want to be FB (Facebook) friends???

    I sent a request too.. Thanks for accepting. I am always looking for friends that likes the same things that I do. Skyy
  8. Skyy2

    Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer

    Hi, I travel a lot and these workouts are good to do while I'm in the hotel. Tony Horton is alittle hard to take at times, but the workouts are decent. The workout doesn't take too much room, and it does get your heart rate up. Skyy
  9. Skyy2

    what's YOUR personal motto???

    mine is: "Keep running, keep loving, keep living stress-free". It reminds me to do what I love and not stress over what is going on around me.
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    ...peeking in to say "Hi" to everyone. I'm not really running consistantly lately and put on a few pounds because of it (and drinking too much sodas:o) but I do read and I'm with you all in spirit....
  11. Skyy2

    Does it REALLY have to be like this?!?

    I'm bullied at work.....but maybe it's karma, because I used to be a bully when I was younger. :( Anyway....I like the message. Skyy
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    Congratulations. Wishing you a happy and peaceful 9 months. :)
  13. Skyy2

    Need tips on how to get my cat to stop urinating on the floor...

    how about putting a litterbox in the exact spot that she keeps going to? Then when she starts to use the litterbox- every once in a while move the litterbox until you get it to the spot you want the box to stay. skyy
  14. Skyy2

    4 days late

    YEA!!! YEA!! YEA!!! 2010 IS YOUR year! ****fingers crossed******
  15. Skyy2

    Turkey day workout

    i love your workouts!!!
  16. Skyy2

    New Runners November 2009

    Hi Ladies, I miss all of you. I haven't been running much in the last two weeks :( and I really miss it. So I will hop onto my treadmill tonight and run a slow 4 miles. I think that even though I got great results with the shorter runs and circuits, I miss my long runs. I am more...
  17. Skyy2

    Go Wear Fit!

    Thanks both of you. I will try cleaning it. Then I'll take it off during my time I'm @ the computer. I think that you may be right about being allergic, there is a dark band around my arm where the band was. It looks like a bruse, but it doesn't hurt. I'll let you know. Sydney
  18. Skyy2

    Go Wear Fit!

    Hi everyone, Does anyone get a rash when they wear their gowearfit? I have taken it off because I get alittle soreness. When I put it back on, 3 days later the same thing happens. Maybe my band is too tight? any advice? Thanks, Sydney
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    "AYE" Active Duty Army, for now. Skyy
  20. Skyy2

    New Runners November 2009

    Hello everyone, It's been soooo long since I've logged in here. I've changed up my workouts and cut down on my running. But it still seems that i am getting in about 11 miles a week. I am trying to run faster, so i've been doing Intervals/HIIT types of runs. The other night, I tried to do...