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  1. buffettgirl

    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <——was so sorry to hear of the passing of another friend to cancer <——will always remember the sassy Ms NancyFancyPants <——joins other long ago Order of the Arrow friends in mourning <——shuffles off to sit quietly and remember Nancy, Carola, Gin, and Vickie
  2. buffettgirl

    <---if we weren't all crazy,we would go insane

    <---just had to let someone know she just got tickets to see Jimmy in June
  3. buffettgirl

    <--but I learned to be cool from you

    <---thinks 2 days in a row for the OAL may be more than can be hoped for <---will toss it out there and see if there are any bites <---has a day off today <---adds that it is full of fun chores like grocery shopping, laundry and housework <---is looking for volunteers to come help dust and...
  4. buffettgirl

    Congratulations Liann

    Akadia Lakeyn born 7/7 at 4:43pm, 7 lb 11 oz, 21 1/2 inches. Check out the July roll call thread under the pregnancy forum for a picture of the newest member of the Cathe forums.:D:D:D
  5. buffettgirl

    Anyone get scammed on their cell this weekend?

    DH and I both got a text saying there were credit issues and to call a "secure number for more info" yesterday. Since we were on a trip to the NY Finger Lakes, buying lots of wine, it didn't sound too fishy to us. Until you call the number and the first thing they asked for was your credit card...
  6. buffettgirl

    Shout out to the Flying Pig Runners...

    There are a bunch of Catheletes who met through the forum running in various level of races in Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon this weekend. Some of them are even avowed cardio haters who swore they would never run. Good luck gang! I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was huffing and puffing...
  7. buffettgirl

    Climb out of your RUT on Thursday

    Hiddy ho all. Today's workout is to be CCC. So far so good with the diet. I'm off work tomorrow, because I work the weekend. I often over indulge on the evening before a day off, thinking I deserve a treat. I'm not going to fall into that trap this evening. A friend loaned us The Blind Side, so...
  8. buffettgirl

    Getting out of the Rut ~ Tuesday

    Hi all. I was out of town over the weekend and couldn't post. Then I was just too busy last evening to sit down and catch up. I did a couple miles on an elliptical on Saturday, rested Sunday, ran 2 miles and did an STS chest and back workout yesterday. My eating was on vacation over the weekend...
  9. buffettgirl

    I need a new diet....

    I know, I know. Diet is a dirt word, but it's the only way I know. Last spring I lost about 25 pounds on an easy to follow, but BORING diet a friend got from her trainer. I've regained about 7 pounds and want desperately to lose them before summer is here. I just can't get motivated with the old...
  10. buffettgirl

    Climb out of your rut - Thursday

    Morning. I'm planning on a cardio workout this afternoon. I'm not sure yet if I'll stick to the rotatio - I think it's a step workout - or try running. Sort of depends on the weather. slwitt, yuk on the snow. I'd much rather have 80s. How was the meeting? Good news, I hope. Cheryl, great...
  11. buffettgirl

    Get out of your Rut on Tuesday

    Sorry to be hit and miss lately. I was sick last week and, as some of you know, my mom passed away on Easter. She was living in WA state, near my sister, and suffered from dementia, so her passing hasn't been as difficult as it could have been. My wonderful sister has been taking care of...
  12. buffettgirl

    Out of the RUT on the 1st day of Spring!

    Hola, rut-climber-out-ofers. Happy Spring! I'm just enjoying my coffee and listening to Mr Bluebird serenade his chosen mate. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Spring. I guess spring is a good reason for the struggle through winter. I'll be doing STS shoulders, biceps and triceps in a bit. Then we are...
  13. buffettgirl

    get out of your RUT on friday

    Morning all. Our numbers seem to be shrinking. Hopefully those of us remaining will see some shrinking on the scale. Lisa, have fun on your retreat. Good job with the food issue. Now get to work with those weights! Cheryl, good luck with your rotation. I'm on month 3 of Cathe's SC/STS...
  14. buffettgirl

    Out of the Rut - Thursday

    Hey gang!! Sorry I haven't had time to get back here. We got home from vacation on Monday evening and I've been playing catch up ever since. The trip to the Sea of Cortez was wonderful. The kayaking and camping was fun, the food great and the scenery unbelievable. I hope to get back someday...
  15. buffettgirl

    Out of the Rut - Monday

    Morning climbers! I just finished today's workout - Hiit 30/30 and Ab Circuits Weights and Plates. It must be working, because 30/30 felt a tad easier today. Dixiedogs, of course you can join in. Welcome. Sammy, thanks for the heads up, or I would have missed my story. I guess they must post...
  16. buffettgirl

    <--let the sun shine, let the sun shine in

    <---is so totally tired of winter <---heard the weatherman use the "S" word for tonight through Friday and almost tossed my coffee cup at the set <---could use some OAL therapy <---wonders if any OALers need a sunny, 80F day too
  17. buffettgirl

    Out of the Rut - Sunday

    Hi all. Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but since I'm working screwy hours tomorrow (10-6:30), I decided to put off my rest until then. I just finished a 2 mile run and STS disc 19 Chest, shoulders and triceps. My eating is right back on track, after yesterday's cheat day. We always...
  18. buffettgirl

    Weekend climbing out of the RUT

    Good morning ladies of the rut. Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? We were hoping to go away, but couldn't think of anyplace to go, so we are settling for a nice dinner out tonight. That means today will be a cheat day for me, meal-wise. I did a double workout earlier in the week so I could...
  19. buffettgirl

    <--Sunday, Monday, Happy days!

    <---waves good-morning to the folks of Catheland <---is wallowing in a weekday off work <---will have to stop wallowing soon and start Hiit Double Waving <---reminds you all the tomorrow is Chocolate is a Vegetable Day <---says at least it is where <--works <---made a yummy chocolate...
  20. buffettgirl

    <--I want to go where it's WARM!

    <----waves goodmorning from the winter wonderland that is north central PA <---has only gotten about 3 inches so far, but the roads were a slippery, slimey mess <---can't wait to drive home this afternoon after it snows all day <---is LOL at Stebby measuring snow in cm <---wonders what else...