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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Wspanialy, I hear you on the eating plan. My diet is terrible at the moment because I love chocolate too much So today I did Boss glutes but I could feel my triceps screaming from Perfect pump a couple of days ago. Loving that burn.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Hi All. Today I changed bi’s and tri’s for Perfect Pump upper body. Loved the pace of the workout and it was just the right amount of “time under tension” Hope you’re all doing well and not kept in too much by the snow.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    The calf work wasn’t easy!
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Just completed cardio leg blast. Loved the Dixie cup lateral skates which I know I’m going to feel tomorrow. Bring on that burn Good luck everyone in staying on track.
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    Day 2 done! Those boss bands are seriously tough. I had to drop to the blue band only for the biceps as blue and green was literally impossible. Don’t know how Cathe and crew complete biceps with 2 bands. I finished off with hip thruster 100 rep challenge. Feeling good!
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    January 2022 Rotation One-month Check-In

    I’ve just completed Tabatacise too, all 5 of them, but it’s doing weights where I really need accountability so count me in on this check-in group! Thanks for setting it up.
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    Beginner to advanced Ashtanga Yoga

    This could be a lengthy series starting out as an introduction then gradually build up to something quite challenging as the final disc. Loving Cathe’s yoga but need more. A lot more.
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    Thanks BlakKat. As always, a fantastic review! Can’t wait for mine to arrive.
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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    My dvd arrival date is scheduled to be Thursday 2/9/21. The day after I return to work having had 6 weeks off. Typical!
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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    Thanks for the update. I’ve just received my shipping notification! Hopefully everything will be here in the UK in about a week’s time.
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    Greetings to all of you from Cleo and I

    Such a cute cat! Thank you for sharing this pic. Hope everything goes well with your recovery. Take care xx
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    Low Impact HIIT+Timesaver Mobility Basics Strength premix A++++++

    I love leg intensive workouts. Thanks for the review BlakKat
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    Thanks for the review CarolRose. I’m looking forward to doing this dvd.
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    Thank you Jennifer for a thorough review. I’m looking forward to doing this DVD
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    Lower Body+LB Bonus+Ext Stretch+Core Review

    Thank you BlakKat. Whenever a new series is released, I actively wait in anticipation of your review.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    My squat thrust days are over so instead of modifying the move I replace them with 2 x Plyo jacks as these are a 4 count move just as the squat thrust is 8. Or, if my step is handy I’ll replace the squat thrust segment with fast foot repeaters (Cathe has so many moves in her library, just take...
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    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    Thanks for the clip. I’ve just tried one or two of the moves. Can’t wait for this series to be released.
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    Perfect30 Update - 9-14-20

    Did I hear your witchy laugh just then Cathe, all the way over here in the UK? :D:D:D
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    Side Plank Angle Extension From Cathe's Bonus Core Perfect 30 Workout

    That move doesn’t “look fairly easy” to me but nevertheless, I’m looking forward to trying it out. :)