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  1. cab0899

    Filming updates on facebook!

    Cathe has started posting pics and information on her Facebook page.
  2. cab0899

    The preorder link is up on facebook

    Got my order in!!
  3. cab0899

    Fun Poll: How does Xtrain compare??

    So where does Xtrain rank compare to Cathe's other series? What are your favourite series, let's pick 3. Edited: It's not letting me pick 3. So vote for your top series. Mine are Intensity (this is the series not the more recent workout!) Xtrain Body Blast
  4. cab0899

    Canadians, still waiting for Xtrain/Calendars?

    Let's do a call out and see who has received their calendars and workouts? (Every pre-order I swear that next time I will do downloads :cool:) No calendar and no dvds in Winnipeg yet! Who else is waiting?
  5. cab0899

    The new dvds have arrived in Canada!

    :D:D:D Wow that was fast! It usually takes 2-3 weeks!
  6. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni **April 2012**

    First off, just want to send lots of ((HUGS)) to Rachael. What an emotional roller coaster you have been on. As a healthcare professional watching families deal with mental illnesses, can be heartbreaking. I know families feel so helpless in trying to help their loved ones. It sounds like you...
  7. cab0899

    20 Years!

    I believe it was 20 years ago, that I bought my first Cathe workout, Fit & Firm, on VHS. I don't actually remember what year it was, but the date on the VHS tape is 1992 and it was either then or soon after that I bought it. I have been doing your workouts almost exclusively for 20 years, I...
  8. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***February 2012***

    Getting our February thread started. DH and I have been working on week 4 of the rotation with Trisets Upper Body yesterday and STS #17 Legs tonight. Only 4 more workouts and then a rest week!! A good part about following a 12 week rotation is that there is a rest week otherwise I tend to just...
  9. cab0899


    I haven't signed up for the roadtrip yet. Trying to work out the details. The resort shuttle is $335 roundtrip from the O'Hare airport to the resort!!!:confused: It looks like it would be cheaper to have groups of 3 people to catch the shuttle. Do you think people would be interested in sharing??
  10. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***January 2012***

    Waving hi from Disneyworld. Moved from the UNiversal hotel to the Disney hotel today. It is cold here! Freezing warning in effect for Orlando tonight and of course the Canadian children are swimming:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I do wish it was a little warmer, gets quite chilly after being...
  11. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***December 2011***

    Just thinking that maybe we could keep the thread going for the whole month instead of starting a new one each week, okay?? It's such a busy time, that we often don't have time for daily posts so the threads aren't that long. Cendrine, LOL on the advent calendars for ourselves. That would be...
  12. cab0899

    ***STS 6 month alumni*** Week of Nov 27

    Can you believe it's almost December??? Well, I guess I can since it's -13C and lots of snow. It's Grey Cup Sunday and our Winnipeg Blue Bombers are playing!!! It's like the your SuperBowl for the NFL, we have the CFL with the Grey Cup for our football league. Of course, probably much smaller...
  13. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***Week of November 20th**

    Just getting us started. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, hoping that you got some downtime Rachael and that you are having a great visit Cendrine! I've been busy trying out the new workouts, yesterday was Trisets Lower Body and the muscle conditioning from Slide and Glide and today...
  14. cab0899

    ~~~STS 6 Month Alumni~~~ Week of Nov 13th

    It's been a very quiet long weekend around here! Lots of relaxing. Of course it was NOT very quiet when the 4 11 year old girls were here:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I don't know why I every agreed to that. They were up till 1:30 and then awake at 7 am, very well behaved, just loud...
  15. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni Halloween Week

    Hope you're doing okay, Rachael. Not much to report from the weekend, did HITT Dble Wave Pyramid yesterday with DH and today we had a family 6 mile run (except for dd), did it 30 seconds faster than last weekend. It was nice having company this time, we might make it a weekly event as long...
  16. cab0899

    Any Canadians get their dvds yet?

    Hoping for delivery early this week in Winnipeg! It's hard to read all the wonderful reviews while waiting maybe I should get the downloads next time.
  17. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***Week of October 23rdt**

    I'm so excited!!! I ran 6 miles outside today! Did it in 1hr 4min 48 sec according to my Garmin.:eek::D:D I don't know if you remember but I used to be a runner, 1 full marathon, 3 halfs, etc and I used to love running!! The last few years I've gained a few lbs, and every time I tried...
  18. cab0899

    STS 6 Month Alumni ***Week of October 16t**

    Just to start off our week. Got IMAX 2 done yesterday and today is supposed to be MM. Planning to do it this evening but not feeling very energetic so we'll see. Ended up having a busy house yesterday. Lots of people that ended up stopping by and stuff. Fun but not too productive. DD went for...
  19. cab0899

    STS 6 month Alumni~~ Week of Oct. 2

    Just getting us started! It's the first week of October!!! Rachael Holy Cow!! You look amazing in that yoga pose! Thanks for posting it. Did you have a look at the Oct. rotation, I'm not crazy about it. I still have 30/30, 20 min run and Ab Circuits to do today as I skipped it on Thursday...
  20. cab0899

    STS 6 month Alumni~~ Week of Sept 25th

    The last week of September already!! We're having a beautiful warm weekend hopefully it will last all week so the landscaping can get finished! Sounds like everyone is having a healthy fun weekend. Yoga retreats and new healthy recipes! How did everything go? Rachael I looked at the amazing...