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  1. debbydarestobefit

    Metatarsalgia PLEASE HELP...FREAKING OUT!

    Sorry, can't help with a shoe recommendation. I was diagnosed with metatarsalgia also. A simple shoe inset that the podiatrist fashioned did the trick. These are not the expensive orthodicts that people talk about. The insert relieves the pressure on the joint. This was about 5 years ago...
  2. debbydarestobefit

    At home spinning

    I'd be interested I use my road bike on a Spinervel trainer. I vary the workouts and use my ipod. I'd be interested in some variety in spinning. Maybe consider a CD/recording along the lines of CardioCoach that could be downloaded for MP3 players.
  3. debbydarestobefit

    Alternative for Lunges

    toe assist I have arthritis in my big toe and sometimes just can't bend it well enough to do lunges very well ... so I place a riser against a wall and support my back foot against that when doing lunges. That way more weight is on the heel and not just on the toes. Depending on where your...
  4. debbydarestobefit

    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    ITA I sooo agree. Heck, I have to modify Shock Cardio so much it isn't much fun. I'd gladly sell it off to obtain a low impact Shock Cardio. Deb
  5. debbydarestobefit

    Butts and please

    B&G Hi Cathe, We do B&G in a regular rotation - I pretty much only do your workouts for legs. Although I typically use your premixes a lot on other DVDs - on this one we do the whole thing through, but substitute the stability core work for the built-in core routine. What I like is the...
  6. debbydarestobefit

    Labral Tears in the Hip

    I was wondering if anyone on the forums has been diagnosed and treated for this condition? If so, what was your treatment and how effective was it and how long did it last? Thanks in advance for any info. Deb
  7. debbydarestobefit

    Healthcare Rant

    mine went up too... My monthly premium cost for employer-sponsored insurance doubled also - in January it will cost me ~$110/month for my insurance. My co-pays remain the same for in-network providers (but increased for out-of-network). My sister's employer's insurance also went up ~20%. But...
  8. debbydarestobefit

    Workout Room Floor

    try a search Congrats on the new workout room! You might want to try a search as people have posted previously about various flooring options. There is even a recommendation from SNM about a flooring similar to what Cathe uses at her gym that has a some spring in it to save on your knees and...
  9. debbydarestobefit

    Travel Fit Update and Pics

    Whoo Whoo! I can see Cathe's sweat .... that means we're gonna WORK! WORK! Been waiting for this one for awhile! Thanks! Deb :)
  10. debbydarestobefit

    Melasma...or brown spots on face

    been bothered too! Hey Deb, I've been bothered by these brown (age?) spots too. I had a rather large one on my cheek bone that was quite prominent. I tried treating them at the demotogolist with chemical peels, freezing, laser, etc. The laser treatments helped with some of the smaller...
  11. debbydarestobefit

    Another Plantar fasciitis thread

    yeah, me too I've been dealing with PF for awhile now (don't want to acknowldege how loooong!). What has helped tremendously is that weird plastic thingy you wear to bed. That in combinatoin with stretching, icing and NSAIDs. That thing you wear to bed comes in many styles and various price...
  12. debbydarestobefit

    funeral etiquette

    a voice of dissent Well, I disagree. Death and funerals are a natural part of life. I've attended quite a few even as a child when classmates' parents died, and when relatives or neighbors died. A funeral, unless the family requests that it be private, is for everyone in the deceased...
  13. debbydarestobefit

    Flip Flops hurting my feet

    It depends on the flip-flop I really enjoy flip-flops in the summer too. I have tendencies toward PF also. I absolutely cannot wear flimsy flip-flops - but that's true of sandals and shoewear too. However, I have some f-f where the sole is thick and they have an firm arch and I do not have...
  14. debbydarestobefit

    rotator surgery on 19th/advice?

    I had a totally torn/ruptured bicep tendon repaired/reattached and bone spur removed. As far as fashion ... I had my surgery in late December so I went braless for a few weeks and always wore two layers of clothing -- one large t-shirt type layered over with a zip or buttoned sweater or hoodie...
  15. debbydarestobefit

    Help with paper writing!!!

    Are these research papers? Depending on the course level, you may be required to write in APA format. Check with the professor on the format required. There are manuals you can purchase that can help with the APA format. If APA is not required, I'd suggest you schedule an office hour with...
  16. debbydarestobefit

    Cat lovers come here

    ha ha ha ... what a stitch! I love the oven mitts ... hee hee hee. thanks for sharing! Deb
  17. debbydarestobefit

    NROWLFW - revisted

    Hello all, and and happiest of new year wishes! I was wondering about those of you who used the New Rules of Weight LIfting for Women book last year and what your results were like. Were you able to complete the full program (around 6 months I think)? Did you follow the nutrition plan? Were...
  18. debbydarestobefit

    I LOVE Cathe but...

    Merry Christmas! No "but" here either! I really appreciate the thought and effort that Cathe puts into her workouts. The quality of her productions are unsurpassed. Thank you! And here's to a wonderful new year! Deb :D
  19. debbydarestobefit

    When Presale is Over

    MMA = Mixed Marital Arts This is supposedly Cathe's next major undertaking for home workouts! I think it will be interesting to watch this develop also. Deb
  20. debbydarestobefit

    When Presale is Over

    All I can say is ... get ready for blog posts about MMA!!:D:D:D Deb