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  1. acatalina

    Dr. Axe Cookbook

    Just a suggestion for a cookbook ladies. I found it used on ebay for 20. Kindle is even cheaper. I had a bad year with sick parents. Hense let my self go and took care of them and worked. I am getting back on track. This cookbook and some recipes are online. Awesome. I gotta loose the 25 i put...
  2. acatalina

    Possible Piyo in the future

    I haven't been on here in a while. I still use and buy all your Dvd's faithfully. Needed a change up and got Piyo. I really think it would be way better if you did one. Hint hint. Possible series. Either way . Your Dvd's are the best. Just a suggestion.
  3. acatalina


    I would like to buy the downloads for cycle max and a few i can use at the gym. Can they be downloaded to an ipad? I have an android phone not iphone. I have the DVD's but i could plug into the ipad with the download.
  4. acatalina

    Fast tracking STS

    IS anyone else doing this?? I do alot of walking for cardio and i have been doing 3 disks then a day off with cardio..Abs every other day in from one or another dvd.. I am making alot of strength gains?? Think i am hindering my progress. I can definitely see a change in my muscles..
  5. acatalina

    Hardcore fitness mainiacs Fri the 20th

    Morining chickiess.. Are we all sleeping?? I am just getting ready to go down.. I did disk 8 last night.. I really bumped up the weight from last week. I pushed me to the can barely do the last 2 reps.. This morning it is cardio. I got yelled at last night because he made salads and i went to...
  6. acatalina

    Hardcore fitness mainiacs Wednesday the 18th

    Hello chickies.. Sorry didn't get back on yesterday. Too buisy at work. Did 30 min on the bike last night. I was tired and hungry.. Did disk 7 this morning. Getting stronger.. Not as sore as last week so moving back up.. I like it. Nice changes..Seems like a lot of muscle confusion w...
  7. acatalina

    A little help gals

    Every thread i post in gives me a subscription. How do i turn it off?? I feel stupid here.
  8. acatalina

    Gweneth Patrow

    She was on tv the other day.. Her trainer said women should never lift more than 5 pounds.. Women should not be bulky.. Now,who gives her the right to say what women should look like and what is sexy.. I happen to think women with some muscle not huge though is more appealing than a 90# bag of...
  9. acatalina

    Hardcore fitness mainiacs Fri the 13th EEEK

    Hello chickies.. I am up early. Going to get a workout in.. Sts disk 4.. I have severe doms in the legs. Feel like i was beat with a ball bat.. Just wanted to check in early. Gotta go pick up may taxes and have a long day. Gotta do some painting at salon, and find someone to come finish some...
  10. acatalina

    Hardcore fitness mainiacs Sun Feb 8th

    Hello Chickies. I am hoping to be back here. I am starting STS today..:eek::eek: I have to do some modify as most of you know, but I am getting ready to get my arse dressed and get started.. Hello Dallys, Suz, Deb, Char,Diane Sue and i don't know the rest of the new crew here.. Well i had to...
  11. acatalina

    getting rid of some dvd's

    If anyone is interested.. I am e-baying a few dvd's... I am seller acatalina65.. These are like new. I just like Cathe better... MAking room for sts..LOL... Anne AKA Storm
  12. acatalina

    Bowflex owners

    DH mentioned wanting a bow flex. Which one ?? Should i have him go for the deluxe or is it not necessary??? Anne AKA Storm
  13. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Thurs Jan 10

    Morning hardcores.. Got my butt up. Starting to wake automatically. Just need some wake up coffee.. Heading to do p 90 x ub and i think it is abs and core.. Let you know how it goes. From the quick preview i guess i need chairs for now. Hope the wrist holds out. The free green band is a...
  14. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Sat Jan 5

    Morning fit ones. I slept in . My body is fighting this cold everyone is trying to give me. Something is going on. I keep getting crustys in my ears(tmi)..Really wierd.. Have great workouts gals. I took my bands to work to get some bi tri and shoulders in if i get cancels. Tonite is Upper...
  15. acatalina


    Anyone else get the kids these. You need to be a physicist to figure out how to change them from cars to robots. Anyone else feel stupid or just me??? Took me an hour to tranform optimus back into a semi..... Anne AKA Storm
  16. acatalina

    Lets talk sport bras

    Ok girls. I need to find some good sports bras. VS quit selling the shock absorber.I need to hold m tight. Any other suggestions? Any champion ones? I don't like enell.. Anne AKA Storm
  17. acatalina


    mail me.. You disabled your profile [email protected] Anne AKA Storm
  18. acatalina

    Hardcore fitness maniacs Dec 22 Sat

    Hi hardcores... I drug me out of bed. I am getting a cold. GS and everone sick.I can feel it in my sinuses..Darn it.. Suz, i heard ya.. Try toget a hold of Some Aveda Color Conditioner.It is hard to find. It will stain ya in the reds nd you won't have to color so often. his morning is GS...
  19. acatalina

    Amy Bento's Slo Mo

    I did a total body premix today.. Input please. Alot of the exercises seemed to bother my lower back..It was aching.. I have never had this problem with Cathe's Weight workouts..Even going heavy.. Is it just me or maybe a different approach to lifting.. Think i will get used to it, or...
  20. acatalina

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for Sun Nov 4

    Morning chickies. I have been MIA for a couple days. Work has been insane for a few days. Begining of the month..Checks are out.. Got Amy's new w/o. It will take a while on the step to learn. I am going to do the weight workout today..Looks good. Don't know about the 60# sumo squats..The...