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  1. dreamyjeanie

    Sign Up for the Daytona Beach 2014 Road Trip Begins May 1st, 1pm (est)

    That was such a fun location. I loved doing boot camp on the beach Sunday morning. Oh how I wish this was for 2015. Not sure I can swing 2 destination road trips in one year. Do you have a price on the hotel rooms yet? Jean
  2. dreamyjeanie


    I want to send out a great big THANK YOU! to Cathe, Chris, Tom, Sharon, Steve, Cyndi, Veronica and all the staff behind the scenes that helped to make this road trip another great success. It was a wonderful weekend. I met up with old friends, made some new friends and had a blast working out...
  3. dreamyjeanie

    Who's In??

    Just remember we were all newbies at one point. So don't be shy, just introduce yourself to someone and let the new friendships begin.
  4. dreamyjeanie

    Question on hotel block

    Catherine, you are probably right. I've been splitting a 2 bedroom suite at Residence for so many years, that I haven't used the road trip block in a long time. Today after I booked from Cathe's site, I called Marriott and added on Sunday night. I should be set. Thanks, Jean
  5. dreamyjeanie

    Question on hotel block

    I also noticed that the group rate reservation only allows check out on Sunday the 27th. Is the group rate not available for Sunday night for those who don't like to fight those afternoon thunderstorm flights? Do we have to make a separate reservation for Sunday night directly through Marriott...
  6. dreamyjeanie

    Who's in for Chicago?

    I'm in. Welcome to all the first timers. You are going to have a blast. Can't wait to reunite with friends and make some new ones. Jean
  7. dreamyjeanie

    OT - Concerned about my Mom

    So sorry you and your mom are going through this. Unfortunately everyone is different. Like you said you don't want to embarrass her more, but hopefully you can find a tactful way to let her know you are concerned and that you would like to help her to find a solution that may help her prevent a...
  8. dreamyjeanie

    Working out with my dog...

    When I do forward fold type stretching, my golden retriever will back up her hind end toward me and want me to rub her rump. She will also try to weave through my legs when I am in a static lunge. She also stares at me when I'm on the treadmill with a look on her face " that looks like fun...
  9. dreamyjeanie

    Back to Chicago - Our Next Offsite Road Trip?

    At the one in 2012, I rented a car and shared a ride with another Cathlete. Another option is a shuttle. I found the below link for transportation. It isn't too bad if you get a group together and split the group rate. So people who are arriving at the same airport on the same day should try to...
  10. dreamyjeanie

    Tingling in lower legs when running?

    I don't think shin splints. I have heard they are painful. This is more pins and needles feeling.
  11. dreamyjeanie

    Tingling in lower legs when running?

    Has anyone experienced tingling in their shins or calves while running(kind of like when your foot falls asleep). I have been running off and on for several years now and just this past month, I have noticed I am getting a tingling sensation that usually starts in my shins and works it way...
  12. dreamyjeanie

    Feeling like a failure

    Good luck to you and your baby. Listen to your body. Listen to your doctor. A safe delivery is your goal right now. Once that baby is here, you can figure out a schedule/routine and get back on track.
  13. dreamyjeanie

    Dallas/Fort Worth - Ovarian Cancer 5K-9/21/13

    Hey Dallas/Fort Worth Cathletes! Just a reminder that Saturday, September 21st is the "Break the Silence" Ovarian Cancer 5K at the Ball Park in Arlington. I'd love to see you there or meet up afterwards. Here's the link if you would like to participate. *2013 NOCC DFW Chapter Run Walk to...
  14. dreamyjeanie

    My sister's cat is quite ill. Looking for advice on the best thing to do for her.

    So sorry to hear this. The loss of a pet is so hard. Hugs to you and your family.
  15. dreamyjeanie

    Cathe's Make-Up

    I don't know but she always looks beautiful at the road trips even right after the workouts.
  16. dreamyjeanie

    DFW Cathletes - NOCC 5k - 9/21/13

    The NOCC Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer 5k Walk/Run is fast approaching. It is held at Rangers Ball Park in Arlington, TX. If we have several Cathletes going, it would be nice to meet up for breakfast/brunch afterwards. Let me know if anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is interested...
  17. dreamyjeanie


    Just wanted to say thank you to Cathe, Chris and the staff of Four Seasons and SNM for all they do to make the Cathe Road Trips happen. I had a great time working out with Cathe, seeing old friends and making new ones. It was sure hard to say good-bye and went by way too fast. Thank you, Jean
  18. dreamyjeanie


    Glad it worked out. And thanks for the info on the shared ride price. Good to know for the future to try to arrange to meet someone and travel together.
  19. dreamyjeanie

    Request for Repeat of Dedication Class

    Yes, the one after lunch. Body sculpting at 2:30.
  20. dreamyjeanie

    Request for Repeat of Dedication Class

    I am planning on wearing mine at the Saturday afternoon class.