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  1. DixieGirl

    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I'm in for ICE 2 but the weights only portion of it. I don't need another cardio workout. But what I'd REALLY love to see (and have been asking for for a looong time ;) ) is an STS 2. I'd be all over that!!
  2. DixieGirl

    Cathe's upcoming The Strong & Sweaty 5 DVD Series?

    I won't be ordering this series either. I don't have much storage left for workouts and have oodles of cardio (more than I can use) so unless Cathe releases an all weights series, I won't order anymore. I need more weights workouts so I'm still hoping Cathe will do another STS!!!
  3. DixieGirl

    Exclusively Weights

    Thank you ladies for voicing your support :cool: True, we have been asking for more weight focused workouts since STS so I hope Cathe has plans for this in the near future. I really do have enough cardio workouts to last me the rest of my life I think ;) So, I don't plan to buy any more series...
  4. DixieGirl

    So… which ICE workout did you do first?

    I did Metabolic Total Body this morning and looooooovvvveeeeed it :D I'm typically not a huge fan of compound exercises (I like to go heavy and mean with isolations) but this one was really awesome! Can't wait to try the others!! My hubs got me ICE for Christmas then we went on vacay and now...
  5. DixieGirl

    Trouble Printing ICE Users Manual?

    Thanks for the link! I'll work on it. Last time I printed it was fine and I've never had this problem before, but I'll play around and hopefully I'll figure it out :)
  6. DixieGirl

    Trouble Printing ICE Users Manual?

    I tried printing the Metabolic Total Body chapters and it will only print half the page. I tried several times. Anyone have issues with this/solutions? I wish the manual would've come with the series as it did w/ STS and XTrain so I could be doing the workout right now instead of trying to...
  7. DixieGirl

    Once finished repeating backwards?

    I've also done the pyramid and really liked it!!
  8. DixieGirl

    Exclusively Weights

    I would love to see another STS type series!! I've got so many, many, many cardio workouts. I just don't need anymore cardio. What I want is a weight focused series similar to STS but shorter (30-45 min. in length per workout). Please Cathe, consider this in the future :D
  9. DixieGirl

    Error found in ICE user manual

    Did a manual come with the ICE series? I didn't get one & I've tried finding it on Cathe's site with no luck :(
  10. DixieGirl

    Posting pictures here

    Precious pets! I've had trouble uploading pics too. This is what I get, a box w/ a question mark. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  11. DixieGirl

    Read any good books lately?

    I haven't noticed a book thread lately so wanted to ask y'all what you are reading now, recently read or hope to read soon? I'm reading Gone Girl now, the first book I've read in months and I had forgotten how fun it is to curl up with a good book. Thanks, Tracy
  12. DixieGirl

    Help me name my puppy

    We named her from the Irish "Finola" but call her Nola. I used to live in New Orleans and we are Saints fans so we thought Nola was fitting. I tried uploading a picture but the "file is too large". Maybe I can take a low resolution pic and share with y'all.
  13. DixieGirl

    strike sugar challenge

    I decided against the ebook too. I just don't think I need another Tosca book to "strike out sugar" :D So, I'll just do what I've done in the past...clean up my eats and NO refined sugar! I have a terrible sweet tooth, but as in the past once I get past those first few days it gets much easier...
  14. DixieGirl

    strike sugar challenge

    That's me too Lisa, I have so many of Tosca's books I really don't need another one just repeating everything she's already said about sugar. If it has an actual plan to follow though, I may look into it. I'm hoping I can just find it on her site or FB page...headed out to the kid's swim meet...
  15. DixieGirl

    strike sugar challenge

    I'm In! How ironic that I logged in today and saw this :D I've done several sugar detox/no sugar challenges over the years and it's truly amazing how much better I feel when I get rid of the nasty, refined sugar. I've been really bad lately consuming too much sugar so this is just what I need...
  16. DixieGirl

    Which dvds (besides Travel Fit) don't require any equipment?

    I'm on vacay now and I brought TF, Hiit, yoga and I'm doing 50 push ups a day. Wish I would have thought of slide & glide disks too!! But I may grab some paper plates and have my own little slide & glide party w/out Cathe's guidance :(
  17. DixieGirl

    Help me name my puppy

    Thanks everyone! Y'all are the BEST! I appreciate all the name suggestions & other advice. I've made a list & will see what DH thinks. They are all so good now I've got the dilemma of choosing just one :eek:
  18. DixieGirl

    Help me name my puppy

    Thanks y'all! Those are some great (and funny :D) suggestions! She is an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. She's dark brown and black right now but will lighten to a cream/wheat color. I've looked at some Irish names since that's the breed's origin but no luck yet. Since she's a Wheaten I...
  19. DixieGirl

    Help me name my puppy

    Oops, should have's a girl! Those are cute! My friend's dog is Zoey so that one is probably out but I'll run the others by my hubs. Thanks!
  20. DixieGirl

    Help me name my puppy

    It seems like it shouldn't be hard to find a name for our new puppy, but so far DH and I can't find one we agree on. I have a feeling the right name is out there and we just haven't stumbled on it. I would love some help from all you creative Cathletes! Thanks :) Tracy