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  1. Stebby

    Wen for colored hair

    Does anybody here use Wen on color-treated hair? I rotate a number of different shampoos and conditioners, including Wen, and I think that Wen might be stripping the color. Although my hair is very manageable after I wash it with Wen, it seems to look a bit lighter and some of my grays start...
  2. Stebby

    Has Cathe posted her inflammation story?

    In one of the Nourishing Gurus threads, Cathe mentioned that she would post her experience with inflammation and how the Gurus helped her. Anybody know if she has posted that yet? Stebby
  3. Stebby

    Achilles tendinopathy - help!

    I hurt my Achilles tendon at the end of February doing Karate. I was diagnosed with Achilles tendinopathy, which I understand is the more current name for Achilles tendinitis. I am icing it 2X per day, stretching it at least 1X per day, and seeing a physiotherapist 1X per week (reduced from 2X...
  4. Stebby

    My company is buying me a Fitbit!!!

    We have a 6-week challenge coming up at work. I've signed up for it and starting Oct. 29, I need to walk at least 10,000 steps per day for the 6 weeks. My company is buying Fitbits for all of us who sign up! I had never heard of them before but now that I've done a bit of research I'm pretty...
  5. Stebby

    I met Richard Simmons and Tosca Reno!

    At the Toronto canfitpro conference on Saturday, I met both Richard Simmons (who was giving a huge class for everyone who showed up) and Tosca Reno (who was doing a book signing). Richard was ... well, old ... but he can still shake his booty! When did he start - was it the '70s? Tosca was...
  6. Stebby

    Happy 50th to Me!!!

    Oh, this is SOOO tacky, but I just popped in here to wish myself a happy 50th birthday today! Workout is done - time to relax and enjoy my day and maybe take in some Canada Day festivities later. Princess Diana would have been 50 today too. Stebby
  7. Stebby

    Tried Chia Seed for the first time!

    Kathryn has mentioned Chia seeds several times in this forum so when I saw them the other day in my health food store, I bought some. Well, I sprinkled some over my oatmeal and blueberries this morning, and they are delicious! They add a wonderful crunch. The nutrional profile is great too -...
  8. Stebby

    Question for Vibram 5 Fingers Users

    Do you wear special socks with the Five Fingers shoes, or are you supposed to just put them on your bare feet? I am getting more and more curious about these shoes ... will probably end up with a pair one of these days. :) Stebby
  9. Stebby

    Any photos?

    Every year I look forward to seeing photos from the Road Trip so I can live vicariously through everyone who went. This year there don't seem to be any! Are there photos, are there going to be photos, am I just looking in the wrong place? Stebby
  10. Stebby

    Liann? Any news?

    Liann, are you out there somewhere? Got some baby news for us? :) Stebby
  11. Stebby

    Finished 3 1/2 month STS, down 15.5 lbs!

    I finished disk 36 this morning! Last year, I did STS but didn't clean up my eating. This year I cleaned up my diet a few weeks into my STS rotation. I've lost 15.5 lbs, and am down 2 pants sizes! I've lost anywhere from 1 to 3 inches from each place on my body that I measured (the 3 inches...
  12. Stebby

    Receiving $500 - what should I buy?

    I'm about to celebrate my 25th anniversary with my company. They're going to give me a gift basket or flowers (my pick), and they're also giving me up to $500 for a gift which I can have them buy for me, or I can buy it myself and expense it. What would you buy with the $500? I'm looking...
  13. Stebby

    Dizzy ... ugh!

    Yesterday morning I snapped my head to the side without thinking, to get my bangs out of my eyes. Well, great. I upset my inner ear equilibrium (dislodged those crystals or whatever they are) and was mildly dizzy for the rest of the day. This morning I'm still dizzy! I hope this doesn't go...
  14. Stebby

    What kind of iPod?

    I am finally going to buy an iPod. I want to use it for music, to listen to when I'm walking or doing cardio machines at the gym, and also for watching videos including Cathe downloads. I would probably hook the device up to a TV or computer to watch videos most of the time, although there...
  15. Stebby

    Body Max 2 - whoa!

    I've been punching up my workouts the past couple of months and decided to try to do Body Max 2 in its entirety this morning. Wow, now that's a workout. I did pretty well & kept up with all the cardio segments which were pretty fun. When I got to the blasts I had to take short breaks between...
  16. Stebby

    Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - happy!

    Back a couple of months ago, I posted that I had somehow let myself get doughy -- not enough workouts, not enough intensity, too many excuses. My clothes weren't quite fitting right anymore and I had developed a roll of flab around the middle. (My SIL reminded me that I'm 48 and it's "normal"...
  17. Stebby

    Surgery for wrist ganglion?

    I've had wrist problems for a couple of years that started out as tendinitis and developed into a bump. Today I saw my doctor and she says I have a wrist ganglion. Given that it is long-standing and is hampering my quality of life, she is referring me to a plastic surgeon who will likely...
  18. Stebby

    Difference between Boxing and Kickbox?

    What's the difference between Boxing and Kickbox? I have read the descriptions of the Shock Cardio workouts for these, but I am not clear on what makes them different from each other. Thanks, Stebby
  19. Stebby

    Body composition change - yechhhh

    Have you ever let yourself go and been in denial about it? I did this and just clued in yesterday after taking a good long look at myself in a change room mirror! About a year ago I had a flare-up of patellar tendinitis - I get this every few years - it's my legacy from tearing my ACL in...
  20. Stebby

    Twitching eyelid

    My lower left eyelid has been twitching on and off, mostly on, since about April. Has anyone ever had this? Could it be a symptom of a larger problem? I have my annual physical with my doctor next week and will ask her then, but in the meantime it would be good to know of others' experiences...