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  1. deliabroussard

    Cathe, come back to TX!!!

    So as I'm excitedly explaining my weekend roadtrip To Glassboro 2012 to my friends, they too want to work out with Cathe! Please come back to TX soon!!!!
  2. deliabroussard

    Rapid Rover sharing?

    I'm landing at 10:50 Friday!
  3. deliabroussard

    99 days!

    Is it too early to start packing? Wink, wink!
  4. deliabroussard

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Name / Forum Name: Delia/ deliabroussard Email Address / FB name: [email protected] Previous Road Trips: Houston 2010, Disney 2011 Where your from and family: I am from a very small rural community near the coastal region of south Louisiana. How you were introduced to Cathe / Forum...
  5. deliabroussard

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I'm in! Still waiting on my email confirmation so I don't know what number I am. This will be my third road trip but my first to New Jersey! Hoping to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones ;)
  6. deliabroussard

    Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet Stripped

    I did the diet before the Cathe Road Trip at Disney. It really helped me lose the weight I had gained and I am still following a clean diet...but not as strict as the stripped diet plan. My favorite recipe was the leek and potato soup!!! Looks gross but tasted really good. There were a few food...
  7. deliabroussard

    Disney pics

    Just curious when the remaining pictures from Disney will be posted.
  8. deliabroussard


    Leaving in the morning! Can't wait to meet everyone...and Mickey too!
  9. deliabroussard

    question about tickets

    I purchased one base ticket per day for the road trip without the park hopper option. Will my family need to use their park ticket to enter Epcot for the fireworks? I'd hate for us to visit another park during the day and then get denied entrance to the fireworks show.
  10. deliabroussard

    Who's bringing kids to Disney?

    My husband and I are bringing my 9 year old niece. They are going to play at the theme parks while I'm working out.
  11. deliabroussard

    Everyone gearing up?!

    I bought some new workout clothes today just for the road trip!!! I can hardly wait!!!
  12. deliabroussard

    Everyone gearing up?!

    I'm loving the countdown!!!! I cannot wait to meet everyone and work out with Cathe!!!!
  13. deliabroussard

    Disney Menus

    It was mentioned that the meal costs for family members would be posted. Will it be a flat fee or will it be charged per meal? Just wondering since my husband and niece will be in the parks while I'm working out. It would be too costly for them to leave a park to come eat on those days, but they...
  14. deliabroussard

    Who's in ???

    I'm going!!! Yipee!!!! I've been ready since the Houston roadtrip!
  15. deliabroussard

    Sign Up for Disney begins today at 1pm

    Thanks Debbie!!!! I emailed customer service on Friday.
  16. deliabroussard

    Sign Up for Disney begins today at 1pm

    two confirmation emails Did anyone else recieve two confirmation emails. I'm worried my credit card was charged twice...but I only pressed register once! YIKES!
  17. deliabroussard

    Sign up time

    Will the Disney sign up be 1:00 pm central time zone?
  18. deliabroussard

    Tentative Disney Schedule

    class locations Will the classes take place within one of the rooms in the Coronado Hotel, or will they be in a seperate convention room on the Disney property?
  19. deliabroussard

    Flicker pictures

    Just wondering when all the Houston pictures would be loaded into flicker?
  20. deliabroussard

    A few Thurs/Friday pics

    can't view pics I am a facebook member, but it gives me an error message when I click the link. I was at the Houston event, I wonder how long before the pictures will be posted on flickr?!!! I cannot wait to see them!!!!