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  1. michefit

    Daily Deal: Bootcamp and ME - premixes?

    Has anyone done the bonus combo premix on this workout (it is total body combining parts from both workouts) I am considering getting this one...I look on the workout manager but the individual chapters for the premix are not listed. Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. michefit

    X-Train low impact Hiit

    Great sweatfest tonight...did this one for the first time. I actually used 3 risers for the step section (did the step section twice) and added core for a nice 1 hour workout. I added little hops for the floor section as well. So I wasn't totally low impact - but it was definitely LOWER impact...
  3. michefit

    post-bladder surgery and excercise question

    Hi everyone, Just thought I would ask all the experts here for some advice. I am scheduled to have a bladder repair surgery on the 25th of June. It is supposed to be a day procedure with no heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks post-surgery. I think I am going to go nuts without my workouts. Just...
  4. michefit

    TURBO BARRE the best Friday night workout!

    Just did this for the first time all the way through... a perfect workout when you are worn out from the week and want to work all your parts without being wiped out. I REALLY like the music for the stretch - could have done that part for the rest of the evening and then tuck myself into bed...
  5. michefit

    Three down and wanting more...

    I've done Cardio Supersets, LIC and Afterburn. I was feeling pretty confident since I do Cathe's IMAXes and Hiit workouts regularly BUT...:DCardio Supersets was a lot harder than I thought is was going to be...I was wary of Afterburn. Both were amazingly fun and hard! The best part is that...
  6. michefit

    Metabolic Weight Training question

    Hi Cathe, I am really intrigued by the article on Metabolic Weight Training that will be featured in the low impact series. I am currently attempting to lean out a bit by adding more cardio and full body workouts - and MWT seems like it would be a great help in this area. What other...
  7. michefit

    WOW High Reps

    Just got my DVD's today - I tried High Reps - and I don't know if I was just tired today - but what a tough workout! There is not a moment to spare in between excercises. After the opening leg sets and shoulders I was dripping sweat and my legs were shaking. I have previously been using a...
  8. michefit

    question about Lower Body Blast

    I am really looking forward to this one - I love lower body work mixed with cardio. I often do the power circuit section from BM2 or scrambled eggs premix, and lower body circuit (DM). Just wondering how intense will the cardio sections be? Are we talking CCC/HiiT intense - or more like...
  9. michefit

    Step Moves... I'm a dancer!

    I just "got" this video the second time through - I feel so graceful and awesome when doing this one. Even though it's on the lower intensity side I am still sweating and working. And the moves are so cool I pretend someone is watching me and impressed with my coordination...Ha! I will use it...
  10. michefit

    Hiit Pyramid - Adrenaline Rush!

    I tried this one after a STS Meso2 workout (upper body) and LOVED it! I was working and breathing and didn't mind at all because everything moved so quickly and seemed like it was over so fast (in a good way). I felt so pumped and energized- which is amazing on a Friday after a long work week...
  11. michefit

    Loving Athletic Setp and 30/30!

    Oops - tried to edit the title but couldn't - for the record I CAN spell "Step"! Athletic Step is FUN! Great mix of old and new moves with intensity thrown into the combos. Perfect length as well. It left me enough time to complete a lengthier STS ab workout and keep everything at about an...
  12. michefit

    Help - Plantar Fasciitus!

    I think I have plantar fasciitus - pain comes and goes in the heel - especially tender first thing in the morning and aching by the end of the day on my feet. It starts to subside on the days I don't do cardio and then flares up the days I do. I know I have to go see a orthapedic specialist or...
  13. michefit

    A funny thing about meso 2 legs (trisets)...

    This is my second time through STS. The first time I did the trisets for legs in meso 2 I stopped after week 2 because my legs were actually getting thicker and bulkier. I thought I would stick with this time around. I have really noticed DOMS with these workouts. Again my legs have seemed...
  14. michefit

    GS after STS - ouch!

    I just tried the GS workouts after finishing Meso 3. I was so impressed with my strength gains - I thought for sure they would carry over to the Gym styles. No way....I was dying through the push-ups and the chest work - arms burning through everything else. I was shocked at how little rest...
  15. michefit

    A Meso 3 Convert!

    I was hesitant to try Meso 3 (I admit it) because of the dread factor for heavier weights and longer rests. I decided to try disc 27 (shoulders, tris and bis) WOW - I was working and sweating and there was not a lot of down time at all (in a good way!) I loved it! It is amazing how great you...
  16. michefit

    Shock Cardio estimated release?

    Just wondering if I missed any info about when Shock Cardio might be released?
  17. michefit

    Drill Max for recovery week?

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked already - would Drill Max be too much for the active recovery week?
  18. michefit

    Which Ab circuit routine do you think is the hardest?

    My vote is for weights and plates, then no weights and then those darn stability ball ones! I didn't feel the ball one as much because I couldn't actually coordinate some of the moves to really feel it enough. What does everyone else think?
  19. michefit

    Ouch! Disc 4 Chest, shoulders and biceps!

    I confess that I found disc #1 to be a good workout - but not too hard. Well I believe the periodization is kicking in! Disc 4 is definately harder! The biceps (barbell with band) exercise was killer. I had to change my barbell twice (lower) to be able to finish. Anyone else find those...
  20. michefit

    WOW plyo legs!

    I tried plyo legs today (even though I am starting week 2 of Meso-1) It may be a no-no - but I wanted to sneak in another leg workout. Because it was only 46 minutes I decided to tack on 15 minutes of stepping for a full hour of cardio-circuit style workout. My legs were a shakin'! What a...