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  1. mbmundt

    I feel blessed to have Cathe workouts to reach out to, for over 20 years.

    Tried going down the Beach Body path and finally canceled my membership earlier this year cause I would always go back to Cathe's workouts. Love her workouts, love the options with the premixes. She's an amazing, inspiring instructor.
  2. mbmundt

    All 2019 Cathe Calendars Have Shipped!

    Got my Cathe calendar today. Was so excited to receive it.
  3. mbmundt

    Dr. Jade Metabolic Renewal review

    I bought this as well. I'm on my second week of the workouts. I do enjoy the short intense workouts. I haven't read the book yet to figure out what eating is going to work best for me. He doesn't have much of a warm up and the cool down / stretch you need to do on your own, which I feel is...
  4. mbmundt

    Cute Cathe anecdote

    LOL.. That's awesome!! I often catch myself saying Catheisms :p
  5. mbmundt

    Out of the loop....

    That's where I go mine too was Amazon.
  6. mbmundt

    Working out after total hip replacement

    Yes, it does come down to quality of life. I was in so much pain. I couldn't get comfortable at night, I started having issues with my knee and all the way down the side of my leg. Once I had the surgery all the other pain went away. To me it was worth the surgery. Good Luck to you!!
  7. mbmundt

    Working out after total hip replacement

    Judi - My hip replacement is made out of cobalt & chromium. So I have the capsule (or I call it a cup) and then the ball and it has a stem that went into my femur. In order for me to have the partial my femur had to be a certain size and I had to take a bone density test and that had to come...
  8. mbmundt

    Working out after total hip replacement

    I had wondered that as well. My doc had told me it was the constant pounding repetitive motion of running. I'm not a fan of running so it didn't bother me much. :)
  9. mbmundt

    Working out after total hip replacement

    I had a partial hip replacement (was able to keep my femur) when I was 47. Same with THR, running was not recommended and I couldn't do any jumping for 3 months (I think) but once I got the clear from my doc, when I was ready it was okay for me to get back into HiiT, plyo moves and whatever...
  10. mbmundt

    Affiliate Program

    Hi! I had signed up for the affiliate program a while back but have been unsuccessful in creating a link that people can click on. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong and just need to make time and figure it out. My main question is Cathe on Demand part of the affiliate program? Or is the...
  11. mbmundt

    No Nutrition Programs?

    I'm glad to hear this type of response. I've done some BeachBody workouts but haven't been able to stick to the eating plan. It doesn't seem realistic to stick to long term. I completely agree with this philosophy.
  12. mbmundt

    Happy Birthday Cathe!!

    Happy Birthday Cathe!! Thank you so for being so inspiring and motivating. I love all that you do for us Cathlete's offering us such incredible workouts. I love the passion you have for this industry. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!! Brenda :D
  13. mbmundt

    Any thoughts on upcoming BB Release Shift Shop?

    I'm currently doing 21 day fix. I would like to do Shift Shop. I've heard good things from people that I follow on IG that are doing Shift Shop.
  14. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    That is awesome Nancy!! I agree with Nathalie, please share your strategy to get your DH on board with healthy living. ;)
  15. mbmundt

    So Confused About What to/What Not to eat

    I agree with all the info out there it can be very confusing. You may want to look up Jade Teta online and check out some of his stuff. He's an extremely knowledgeable person. He can educate you on metabolism, dealing with our hormones, and keeping your HEC (hunger, energy, cravings) in...
  16. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    LOL.. happy to see this thread is still going strong. ;) DH and I did our 3 Day Refresh while we were off and I do have to say I was impressed that he stuck with it the entire 3 days. He admitted he was tempted to cheat and one night he said he wanted a pizza. He didn't do it. He lost 8 lbs...
  17. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    On July 5th DH and I are doing a 3 Day Refresh (from BeachBody). He agreed to do it with me. I thought he was going to back out so far he hasn't. He better not or I'll be extremely disappointed. We'll see how he does with this and how it makes him feel. I'm hoping that he feels better mainly...
  18. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    CeciFifi - that is so awesome!! I got into it a little with my DH this weekend. My 50th bday is coming up and I told him if he wanted to get me something he could get me either a big tractor tire or battle ropes. He gave the weirdest look and shook his head. He proceeded to tell me, "Um...
  19. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    Gobias, I don't blame you for being infuriated with that. I would have a hard time keeping my mouth shut and not telling them the real deal. Glad you felt comfortable to share your story with us. It's good to know us Cathlete's can lean on each other when needed. ;)
  20. mbmundt

    Need to vent a little.....

    CeciFifi, so glad your DH started being more active. Hope he continues down this path.