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  1. Jennifit

    Umbilical Hernia

    Hi! Well, I managed to go 15 years after my twins were born (I swear thanks to Cathe keeping me so strong)but it‘s finally time to get my hernia fixed. It’s now hurting. Has anyone had umbilical hernia surgery? What is the healing process like? any advice is appreciated. thanks so much!
  2. Jennifit

    Scary Restaurant Foods! Yuck!

    Check these out:
  3. Jennifit

    Which Cathe Kickbox today?

    In the mood for some kickboxing, just don't which one...Will someone pick for me? Thanks!
  4. Jennifit

    Summer Camp Lost my 3 year old - vent

    I just have to get it out before I scream again!! My 3 year old went to a summer camp today and when I went to pick him up, he was NOT there. They finally found him 20 minutes later with someone else's clothes on - WTF? Some "teacher" took him into a SIX YEAR OLD class!!! My son is about 32...
  5. Jennifit


    OMG!!!! I couldn't sleep last night after watching the season finale! So scary. I couldn't stop thinking about how I would react if something like that were to happen to me...I would be terrified...
  6. Jennifit

    Stationary Bike Suggestions?

    Hi! I am nursing an ankle injury and it got me started thinking that I should have at least one day of no impact exercise. I would love to get a stationary bike for home so I don't have to go to the gym for a 30 min bike ride. Does anyone have any suggestions or one that they love? Thanks...
  7. Jennifit

    I LOVE Cardio Core Circuit!!

    I wish she would make 10 more like CCC! Awesome and fun workout!
  8. Jennifit

    insanity/sts/sc/and brazil butt rotation!?

    Help! I have so many new videos that I am not using any of them in any good order. I love all of them, so I want a rotation with these four! Has anyone been using a rotation using the four of these workouts?? Thanks! jen
  9. Jennifit

    Talking to Husband about getting a Dog!?

    Help!! My husband isn't wild about the idea about getting a dog, but my kids and I really want one!! I have had dogs and cats all my life (Except for the 7 years I have been married) and my husband just has had horses...never a dog or anything that lived inside with his family. It is killing...
  10. Jennifit

    Help SNM! :)

    Hi! I emailed you but never heard anything back. I want to order a few things with my calendar coupon, but it is says when I apply it that it is not valid. Help! Thanks so much. jen
  11. Jennifit

    Help! Which disk is STS abs?

    I cannot remember!! Thanks!
  12. Jennifit

    Morning/Evening Workouts?

    Hi! I teach fitness classes and I often do all of my working out in the morning. (1-3 hours, depending on the day) Has anyone had great results doing a morning and evening class, breaking them up throughout the day versus doing a few hours in a row? Just wondering, seems like I need a...
  13. Jennifit

    I cannot wait!

    I just a huge wave of excitement for SC!!! I cannot wait!!! YIPPPEEEEE!
  14. Jennifit

    Help me, Tweeters!!

    How do you reply to a tweet?? Help me!!! Thanks!!!
  15. Jennifit

    Do you feel like...

    you are in the best shape of your life right now? If so, why? If not, why not?? Just wondered. You are forever my inspiration! Every time I teach a class or workout "with" you, I am always inspired by you!!!! jen
  16. Jennifit

    Why do I have guilt?

    Help me, Moms!! I am actually having guilt when my twins go and play with each other, laughing, make-believing, having a great time. I STILL feel like I am not doing enough - as if I should be with them. I know, intellectually, I am nuts...but, I need some encouragement from you guys. I...
  17. Jennifit

    Umbilical Hernia Recovery?

    Hi! I had hernia surgery on Friday and wondered if anyone else have had this surgery. I have had it one time before, but cannot remember the recovery time. I am already loosing my mind and it is day three. I see my surgeon on Thursday, so absolutely nothing until then. Just wondered if I...
  18. Jennifit

    Has anyone seen this??

    This is a REAL commercial!! Wow, now none of have to workout anymore!! ha ha ha ha
  19. Jennifit


    Has anyone tried Botox? What are your thoughts? I just looked in the mirror the other day and felt old :( I see lines that were not there and I am bummed about it! Are you happy or unhappy with the results of botox? Thanks!!
  20. Jennifit

    Need help remembering! stability ball workout?

    Ok, I cannot remember and am getting tired of looking!?!? Which Cathe workout does she do a long workout with the stability ball? (Ex. she is jogging in place and throws the ball in the air and catches it) I cannot seem to remember which workout that is or, at this point, if it was just a...